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Office of Institutional Diversity

University Committee on Slavery and Justice

Achieving academic excellence requires a commitment to diversity. Students educated in diverse environments have been found to learn better, to deal with complexity more readily, and to emerge with a greater understanding of how to participate productively in a pluralistic society. We hope to make Brown even more of a leader in the national effort to manage and learn from the rich diversity of the nation and the world.

Goals, Objectives, and Proposals

Diversity Programs and Services at Brown

Diversity programs and services at Brown are designed to accomplish three major goals: (1) to build diverse student, faculty and staff populations through aggressive and strategic recruitment efforts; (2) to create significant opportunities to engage diverse ideas inside and outside the classroom through curricular innovations; and (3) to provide sufficient structures for managing a diverse environment. Below are descriptions of and links to many of the diversity programs and services at Brown. [More]


Diversity Initiatives Status Report - Fall 2007

This is the first edition of the Brown Diversity Action Plan Status Report detailing progress on Brown's plan to consider diversity in relation to core priorities such as faculty expansion and ehancing the undergraduate experience. The plan identifies a variety of strategies for meeting its goals and objectives. The full Diversity Action Plan was released in the fall of 2006.

News in Brief

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