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The Plan for Academic Enrichment is designed to augment Brown's educational culture so that all our students—undergraduate, medical, and graduate—are offered the best education possible through opportunities to craft their own educational paths, with access to a wider array of venues and a broader scope of activities, with the most up-to-date means at their disposal, and guided by a nationally distinctive and well-supported faculty and staff.

A message from President Ruth J. Simmons

I am pleased to present the Table of Needs for the Campaign for Academic Enrichment. The Table of Needs serves as the menu of options during the Campaign for Academic Enrichment to guide donors—first and foremost—to support the agreed-upon priorities established in the Plan for Academic Enrichment. It also provides, in summary form, details of the types of activities, programs and facilities for which we may raise money during the course of the Campaign.

To develop this set of needs, we relied upon many sources, beginning with the Plan for Academic Enrichment. With respect to the academic areas, we sought input from the Provost, the academic deans, and academic department, program, center and institute chairs and directors. Senior administrators responsible for areas of the plan offered proposals and provided guidance and suggestions, relying on input from unit heads as well as knowledge gained from our regular budget and planning processes, reports and planning studies completed by various councils and committees. We vetted the document with faculty, students and staff through the established University governance processes and standing committees to be sure that the document meets our objectives.

The Table of Needs is a dynamic document that will change over the course of the Campaign, and we will revisit it on a regular basis to review our progress and update the detailed information that can be found here. Questions or comments concerning the Table of Needs may be directed to the Office of the Provost.

Ruth J. Simmons
November 2005

Download the Table of Needs:

Table of Needs for the Campaign for Academic Enrichment (March 2006- PDF)