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If you experience problems logging in, try the troubleshooting tips below. If you are still having trouble and you are an admissions applicant, please contact the Computing Accounts and Passwords office at 401-863-7277 or Other users should contact the Help Desk at 401-863-7457 or by writing to Should they be unable to resolve your problem, they may need to refer you to Computing Accounts and Passwords, in which case, someone from that office will get back to you as soon as possible during regular business hours.


  1. You must log in with a valid Brown Username and password.
  2. Your browser must be set to accept all cookies in order for you to log in.
  3. You will need to log in again if you restart your browser, if you log out, or if your ticket expires.
  4. In order to see the status window, you must have JavaScript enabled (which most browsers do by default).

Brown's restricted web space is a secured environment. If you do not log off when finished, or quit the browser, subsequent users will be able to access restricted URLs as if they were you. To log out, follow the log out link, which appears in the small session status window that opened when you logged in. If you have closed the status window, simply return to the login page, and it will reappear.

Note: Use your Username (AuthID) not your NetID to log in (e.g. jcarberr NOT Josiah_Carberry). If you are unsure what your Username (AuthID) is, please contact the CIS Help Desk at 863-HELP or

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