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The Cry, Colic, and Sleep Clinic

The The Cry, Colic, and Sleep Clinic is a one-of-a-kind clinical
service for infants with crying, colic, sleep, feeding,
and behavior concerns. Our staff helps parents
understand and manage their infant’s behavior concerns.

We can help families adjust to the disruption caused by
having an infant who is difficult to manage in the first few
months and/or years of life.  Our goal is to treat the infant’s
difficulties with crying, sleeping and feeding.  By doing this,
we are able to help parents deal with possible disruptions
in the parent-infant relationship.

In the clinic, our behavioral pediatricians, clinical social
worker, and clinical and developmental psychologists work
together to develop treatment plans for families whose
infants are having early behavioral concerns.  
Occupational therapy is also available.

Our services are covered by most insurance after

Who do we serve?

•    Infants from birth – 2 years old
•    Infants presenting with significant difficulties in sleep, feeding, colic, or crying
•    Families with adjustment issues around the birth of their baby who may be experiencing regulatory difficulties

Questions parents ask about their crying infant

•    “Will the crying ever end?”
•    “Why aren’t things like I expected?”
•    “I am so frustrated.    What can I do?”

If your baby...

•    Cries more than 3 hours a day, every day
•    Takes as long as an hour to finish a feeding
•    Cries and fusses throughout a feeding
•    Cries each night for more than 1 hour at bedtime
•    Has difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep

Talk to your pediatrician about visiting our clinic.

We can help.

Clinical Staff:
Pamela High, MD
Jean Twomey, LICSW, PhD
Rosemarie Bigsby, ScD, OTR/L, BCP, FAOTA

For more information, call (401) 274-1122 ext. 8935