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The Campaign for Building on Distinction

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  • Photo of Brown pennants

    The Brown Promise

    Having achieved an initial fundraising milestone, Brown will eliminate loans from all University undergraduate financial aid packages beginning in 2018-19.

  • Photo of Mars

    Research on Mars

    Planetary scientists from Brown proposed a new scenario for the formation of ancient clay minerals on Mars that, if true, could rewrite the early history of the red planet.

  • Photo of Maya Faulstich-Hon

    Celebrating Brown's .5ers

    Maya Faulstich-Hon and nearly 100 other students survived and thrived on and off College Hill en route to midyear completion at Brown.

  • Photo of Herbarium

    Natural history, digitally

    In Brown's Herbarium, the digitization of tens of thousands of plants preserved over two centuries is opening doors to study that spans space, time and the diversity of nature.


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