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  • Photo of Sarah Bawabe

    Untangling the universe

    Using pencil, paper and computer, undergrad Sarah Bawabe works side by side with Professor S. James Gates Jr. on some of the biggest questions in theoretical physics.

  • Photo of Skyline

    Innovation economy

    Building on its academic strengths, Brown launches initiative to maximize the University's impact on innovation, entrepreneurship and job growth in Rhode Island.

  • Photo of biomedical engineering students at Brown

    Designing for health

    The senior capstone class in Brown's biomedical engineering curriculum challenges students to design unique, often marketable solutions to real-world problems.

  • Photo of Dr. Steven Ungerleider Collection of Haggadot at Brown

    Historic Haggadot

    A new collection of Passover Seder texts, spanning 400 years and five continents, offers insight into the experiences and customs of Jewish communities worldwide.


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