Brown Together

The Campaign for Building on Distinction

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  • Photo of Violin

    Practice, performance

    By pairing undergraduate musicians with world-renowned performers, Brown's music residencies offer unique opportunities for scholarship, practice and performance.

  • Photo of Brown pennants

    The Brown Promise

    Having achieved an initial fundraising milestone, Brown will eliminate loans from all University undergraduate financial aid packages beginning in 2018-19.

  • Photo of Mars

    Research on Mars

    Planetary scientists from Brown proposed a new scenario for the formation of ancient clay minerals on Mars that, if true, could rewrite the early history of the red planet.

  • Photo of Maya Faulstich-Hon

    Celebrating Brown's .5ers

    Maya Faulstich-Hon and nearly 100 other students survived and thrived on and off College Hill en route to midyear completion at Brown.


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