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  • Photo of fentanyl test strip

    Battling opioid abuse

    In the national fight against opioid addiction, rapid-acting fentanyl test strips are proving successful in cutting the rate of overdoses, Brown researchers have found.

  • Photo of Alex Wagner

    No place like home

    From the Magazine: "Futureface," by Brown alumna and veteran journalist Alex Wagner, explores identity, immigration and the American narrative.

  • Photo of Brown football

    A safer game

    Following a 2016 change to kickoff rules designed to encourage more touchbacks, Brown and other Ivy League schools saw fewer concussions on the football field.

  • Photo of Bonner Fellow Rainbow Chen

    Sense of community

    The Swearer Center's Bonner Fellows program creates long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships between Brown undergraduates and local community organizations.


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