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  • Photo of students creating illuminated sculptures at Brown University

    Educational innovation

    Learning at Brown is a collaborative, hands-on experience — one in which students often lead their own research projects or conduct research alongside instructors.

  • Photo of slavery memorial at Brown University

    The power of truth

    Brown's Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice, opened in 2012, has changed the way the world learns about legacies of slavery and the global slave trade.

  • Photo of Emily Oster teaching an economics course at Brown University

    Economics at Brown

    Brown’s economics scholars are bringing new insights to complex problems and teaching the next generation of researchers and policymakers to do the same.

  • Photo of Jennifer Knight at American Woolen Company

    Dyed in the wool

    From the Magazine: Brown alumna Jennifer Knight's restoration of a woolen mill has revived a manufacturing brand and returned jobs to a small Connecticut town.


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