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  • Photo of brain science at Brown

    Brain science at Brown

    Brown researchers reach across disciplines to unlock the secrets of devastating diseases and to devise new treatments addressing brain-related disorders.

  • Photo of Bathsheba Demuth and reindeer in the Arctic

    Life in the Yukon

    From the Magazine: Assistant Professor Bathsheba Demuth's years as a musher in the far north informed much of her new environmental history of the Arctic.

  • Photo of slavery memorial at Brown University

    The power of truth

    Brown's Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice, opened in 2012, has changed the way the world learns about legacies of slavery and the global slave trade.

  • Photo of future solar site in North Kingstown

    Renewable energy

    Brown has finalized agreements for two renewable energy projects that are expected to produce enough wind and solar power to offset all on-campus electricity use.


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