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Jean Twomey, PhD – Assistant Professor

Dr. Twomey is an Assistant Professor (Research) in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior.  Dr. Twomey has been involved through research, program development and clinical intervention in working with families affected by perinatal substance abuse.  She is affiliated with the Maternal Lifestyle Study (MLS) and IDEAL, longitudinal studies on the effects of prenatal substance exposure on child development.  The Vulnerable Infants Program of Rhode Island (VIP-RI) was established to assist families affected by perinatal substance use and to promote permanency planning within the time frame mandated by the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA).  An outgrowth of VIP-RI and their collaboration with the Family Treatment Drug Court (FTDC) is a project, directed by Dr. Twomey, to study the trajectories of parents and their children’s developmental outcome over the course of the 18 months following graduation from FTDC.  This will be a pioneering study on the relationship among FTDC, ASFA, and child protective services, and the first long-term follow-up of infant and parental outcomes following drug court involvement.

Dr. Twomey’s involvement in the Center’s clinical services includes providing therapy to young children and their families and to parents in the Infant Behavior, Cry and Sleep Program.  Her clinical and research interests include the parenting abilities of substance using women, the role of partners in families affected by perinatal substance use, and parent-infant relationships.

Selected Publications

  • Lester, B.M., Boukydis, C.F.Z., & Twomey, J.E.  (1999).  Maternal Substance Abuse and Child Outcome.  In: C.H. Zeanah, Jr. (Ed.).  Handbook of Infant Mental Health Second Edition.  New York: Guilford Press, 161-175.
  • Twomey, J.E., Soave, R., Gil, L., & Lester, B.M.  (2005).  Permanency planning and social service systems: A comparison of two families with prenatally substance exposed infants, Infant Mental Health Journal, (26), 250-267.