Core review for EN123

The 4 sets below of online lecture notes take you through core material needed for success in EN123. You can read the lectures notes as they stand; in addition I have recorded"narrations" of the lectures. These narrations are not what you would expect of recorded lectures... I taped them in the conservatory at the back of our house; they're a little rough... Not much editing was done, in an effort to get something reasonable recorded for each topic, instead of obsessing about how I look and sound until I "get it right." In these narrations I'm more of a talking head than a penguin pacing in front of a blackboard.

Just to be clear, here is how I feel about looking at my own video lectures...

What's on the videos sometimes supplements/updates the online lecture notes...

You the viewer of the recordings get control of two windows: One, the Echo360 capture of my laptop screen, and the other from a second camera aimed at me the talking head, or various white boards or demos.

I wore a wireless mike on the right side collar of my shirt...

I thank Kyle Sloane, Giovi Gastaldi and Naser Mahfouz of Brown Media Production Services for advice, and help learning how to use Echo360 video screen capture software. Media Productions Services kindly loaned me the Revolabs XTag wireless microphone system.

One of the suggestions of MPS to me was to limit recorded segments to 20 minutes or so, which turns out to be good advice since Echo360 seems to have no Pause button. Thus Resistance is three shorter narrations instead of one 70 minute lecture...

Below is the website where the videos are stored "in the cloud:"

Resistance May, 2014: notes updated, and 3 video narratives (green shirt)...

Capacitance May, 2014: notes updated
(including Laplace transform and Fourier Series)
3 video narrations: (black shirt)

Inductance Aug 16, 2014: updated
One 38 minute video narrative (violet shirt)

Transistance (OK...transistors, Logic, EM Spectrum, and Materials/Chem) updated, Aug, 2014
2 video narratives (blue shirt)

Included are two brief video outtakes of cat Pixie Dixie on her rotating stool.