EN123 Quiz 0: Sept 4, 2013
take-home honor-system --> solve the problem on your own... can access information on the internet if you wish...

Read over the Resistance Tutorial:
paying particular attention the the node admittance matrix method of solving a circuit for node voltages.

Notice that in setting up KCL you need to declare which way you think positive current is flowing in each branch, and those arrows of current determine how to label the voltage difference across the resistor of each branch.

In the circuit below
R1 = 1KΩ, R2 = 2KΩ, R3 = 3KΩ, R4 = 4KΩ, R5 = 5KΩ
IS = 10mA, VL = 5v

Your question: What are node voltages VM1 and VM2?


name________________________________              answer___VM1 = ____________VM2 = ___________volts

email your answer to jdd8990@gmail.com before noon Saturday, Sept 7th, 2013. Extra points for first 2 students with the correct answers...

Your quiz will be graded by the next class meeting.

It is not necessary for you to take, or get correct answers to, Quiz 0 to pass EN123; we're looking at your work as a way to judge your understanding of resistance in a circuit.