Computer Tutorials


We will be using Excel and Maple.  Most of you have used these before in ENG0030.Link to the Maple FEM code description and download


A tutorial is available here to help you get up to speed with MAPLE.

To set up MAPLE on your computer in your dorm, link to the CIS Computational Solftware Download site: and choose Maple 11.  The software is License Managed---this means that you must be connected to the Brown Network in order to use it. You can connect via secure wireless or an Ethernet cable.

Your download will include 2 versions of Maple 11. Please use Classic Worksheet Maple 11 (with the yellow icon) .

Notice to Mac users: Unfortunately,  Maplesoft does not provide the Maple 11 Classic Worksheet interface for Macs.  There are a few options:

bulletRun Maple using your account in the Engineering facility (room 191). See the computing page on how to log in. This is what we recommend!
bulletYou can use the regular interface (red). It will look and behave most (but not exactly) like the Classic interface if you use it in Worksheet Mode, rather than Document mode. To do this, create a new file and select "worksheet mode."

The company website has Maple 11 training videos (linked from the right side of the page) and has downloadable manuals and tutorials


EXCEL: Instructions on loading the Solver on a PC: Excel 2007  Excel 2003 or on a Mac

Links to basic tutorials developed by CIS:

Excel 2007 (Windows) Tutorial

Excel 2007 Tutorial New in Office 2007 As you may have heard, there are many major changes in Microsoft Office 2007, including a completely different user interface than in previous versions.  Rather than relying on a series of menus ...
Excel 2007 Introduction (TG)
Project Overview Using Excel 2007, we'll fill in the blanks for a budget and then make it's appearance better (as well as add a nice chart).  There are different sheets in the workbook, one a for personal and one for a departmental budget, so that you can use an ...
Excel Intermediate - Riveting, Pivoting Tables
Riveting, Pivoting Tables Tutorial Pivot Tables    A PivotTable is an interactive table that quickly summarizes, or crosstabulates, large amounts of data. You can rotate its rows and columns to see different summaries of the source data, filter ...
Excel Tutorial
Excel Tutorial Definitions Workbook vs. Worksheet \ when you open Excel, a new file is created called Book 1 (until you name it something else). It is called "Book" because it is a Workbook that is initially made up of three Worksheets ...

Screen casts for Excel  from CIS

Printing tips in Microsoft Excel 2007 for Windows (5 minutes)

Making charts in Microsoft Excel 2007 for Windows (8 minutes)

Functions in Microsoft Excel 2007 for Windows (8 minutes)

Making charts in Microsoft Excel 2003 on Windows XP (3.5 minutes)

Using basic formulas in Microsoft Excel 2003 on Windows XP (4.75 minutes)

Using functions in Microsoft Excel 2003 on Windows XP (9 minutes)

Printing tips in Microsoft Excel 2003 on Windows XP (7 minutes)

Excel 2007  Solver  If the solver has been loaded into Excel, it appears in the analysis group under the data tab. If not, you must load the solver. The screen shot below is from the Excel help.

 EXCEL 2003:The Solver. If installed, Solver will appear on your Tools menu. If you do not see Solver on your Tools menu, you must install it.  To do so, find the Add Ins... option on the Tools menu and select it.  Then scroll down the list of add ins until you find the Solver Add-In and check the box as shown below.  Then hit OK.   If you are asked whether you want to install the add-in, reply Yes... 

wpe1.gif (9340 bytes)

If the installation is successful, you will find that Solver...  has been added to your Tools.... menu.

 Solver for Excel on the Mac: Newer versions of Excel for the Mac do not include the solver. It is available for download from IT DOES NOT WORK VERY WELL. You should consider running Excel on a PC. You can always use the machines in room 191.

If you haven't used  EXCEL, there are several good tutorials available online, including
Basic EXCEL spreadhseet tutorials:


Basic EXCEL solver tutorial
Advanced EXCEL solver tutorial