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ENGN1750 Advanced Mechanics of Solids

Pradeep R. Guduru, Office: Barus& Holley 729, Phone: 863-3362



David Henann, Office: Barus & Holley 604, Tel: 863 2319


Lecture schedule: Tuesday, Thursday; 2:30 – 3:50pm, B&H 159


Grading & Collaboration Policies


•Grading Policy

  • Homework:30%
  • Midterm exam:25%
  • Project:15%
  • Final: 30%


• Collaboration policy: We encourage discussions on homework and computer assignments: you can learn a lot from working with a group. This means that you are permitted to discuss homework problems and computer assignments with classmates, and are permitted to seek help from other students if you run into difficulties. However, material submitted for grading should represent independent work of its author. It is not acceptable to copy the work of other students, and it is not acceptable for two students to submit identical copies of any part of an assignment.

Internet: You can get help from Internet sources as well. However, you should identify the website(s) from which you got the solution(s)/help.


• Brown academic honor code



There is no required text for this course.

• Free online textbook authored by Prof. Allan Bower:

Recommended reference books:

“A first course in Continuum Mechanics" Y.C. Fung. 3rdEdition, Prentice-Hall, 1994.

“Classical and Computational Solid Mechanics" Y.C. Fung & Pin Tong. World Scientific, 2001.

Additional references:

``An Introduction to Continuum Mechanics, 3rd Edition,'' W. Lai,D. Rubin, and E. Krempl, Butterworth-Heinemann, 1995.

``Advanced Mechanics of Materials,'' W.B. Bickford, Addison-Wesley, 1998.

``Advanced Strength and Applied Stress Analysis,'' R.G. Budynas, McGraw-Hill, 1999.

``Advanced Strength of Materials,'' J.P. Den Hartog, Dover Publishing, 1996

``Introduction to the Mechanics of Continuous Media,'' L.E. Malvern, (recommended for advanced students only.

``Theory of Elasticity'' S.P. Timoshenko and J.N. Goodier(Well written, and contains lots of useful solutions to elastic boundary value problems, but the notation is dated and the book does not cover plasticity or finite element analysis).

``Elasticity,'' J.R. Barber (A modern and well written introduction to linear elasticity). Kluwer, 2004


Office Hours


Professor Pradeep Guduru

Office: Barus& Holley 729; Tel: 3-3362

Office hours: Thu 4-5pm and (??)

David Henann

Office Barus & Holley 604, Tel: 863-2319

Office hours:

Teaching Assistant

• Max Monn


Office hours: TBD,  Location: TBD