Significance within the Decameron:


Elissa: First Day, Ninth Tale (A weak king is show the error of his ways)
Panfilo: Second Day, Seventh Tale (Alatiel and her journey)
Emilia: Third Day, Seventh Tale (Tedaldo and his mistaken death)
Panfilo: Fifth Day, First Tale (Cymon and his abduction of Cassandra)
Panfilo: Tenth Day, Ninth Tale (Messer Torello and Saladin's friendship)

    Pertinent data:

    Political and Cultural Aspects: Cyprus developed a strong Hellenistic-Christian character during the Byzantine period. Under the reign of Hugh IV (1324-1369), Cyprus became a Western feudal state dominated by crusaders. Because of the background of the rulers of Cyprus, the island's culture was deeply influenced by the Church and Western European custom and tradition.

      (J. K., J. Q. & N. F.)