Palermo and Environs

Significance within the Decameron:


Elissa: Fourth Day, Fourth Tale (Gerbino, the grandson of King William, tries to abduct the daughter of the King of Tunis from a ship, and they both lose their lives)
Neifile: Fifth Day, Fifth Tale (Giacomino and Giannole both woo the same girl, until it is discovered that she is the sister of one)
Dioneo: Eighth Day, Tenth Tale (A merchant, fooled once by a beautiful, conniving woman, turns the tables on her and gets back his stolen goods and then some)
Pampinea: Tenth Day, Seventh Tale (A woman falls in love with King Peter and subsequently falls ill)

Pertinent data:

Contemporary Issues: Palermo, a city located on the island Sicily, was an important port city and trade center. International commerce with headquarters located in Florence had branches scattered all over Western Europe and the Mediterranean area. One of the main branches was located in Palermo.

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