Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, & Biochemistry
Course Offerings 2015:

Spring Semester (2015)

BIOL0200   Foundation of Living Systems   M, W, F 11-11:50 Salomon Center DECI Kenneth Miller and John Stein
BIOL0280   Introductory Biochemistry   T, Th 1-2:20 MacMillan Hall 117 Gerwald Jogl
BIOL0500   Cell and Molecular Biology   M,W 8:30-9:50 Smith-Buonanno Hall 106 Richard Freiman and Mark Alliegro
  Molecular Genetics   T, Th 2:30-3:50 Bio Med Center 081 Erica Larschan and Eric Morrow
BIOL2000c   Molecular Recognition and Signaling in Self and Non-self Interactions   TBA TBA TBA Mark Johnson and Alison DeLong
BIOL2000f   From Kinases to Chromatin: How Cells Respond to Their Environment   TBA TBA TBA Arthur Salomon and Erica Larschan
BIOL2010   Quantitative Approaches in Biology   W, F 2-5 CIT 269 Nicola Neretti
BIOL2350   Biology of Aging   Th 2-5 SFH 218 S. Helfand, J. Sedvy and M. Tatar

Fall Semester (2015)