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  PPSO Senior Capstone Projects and Senior Honors Theses
Senior Project
The senior project and paper constitutes the capstone experience of the concentration. The project may be structured as either a one- or two-semester experience depending on the topic and method chosen. It calls for research and data collection (either primary data collection or analysis of secondary data) on a particular organization or a sample of organizations. The research should be designed either to test a theoretically derived research question or to evaluate a specific organizational program. The project should both utilize the interdisciplinary perspectives applicable to the chosen organization(s) and manifest a clearly designed methodology. Students select an advisor for the project either from the concentration advisory committee or, with the approval of the advisory committee, from faculty teaching concentration core courses and electives.
To enter the honors program, students must have demonstrated academic excellence in courses completed for concentration requirements and should file an application with the concentration director during second semester of their third year. SO 103, 105, and EC 11 must be completed before students are accepted into the program. Completion of honors requires a senior thesis based on original research under the guidance of a faculty advisor and second reader, as well as enrollment in the independent research course(s) offered by the advisor's department and the concentration's senior honors seminar (second semester). Integrated Bachelor's-Master's degree program in Sociology of Organization Studies: Students may apply to enter a track in the Integrated Bachelor's-Master's degree program in the Sociology Department, focusing their work on Organization Studies. To apply, students must have completed EC 71 (Financial Accounting) and EC 11 (Principles of Economics), or their equivalents. The track requires 8 courses and a thesis, with the Sociology Graduate Advisor approving all course programs. Students may count from their undergraduate degree two 100-level courses in Sociology or in courses offered by PPSO, as long as these courses were not required to complete their concentration. Their Master's degree courses must include a course in sociological theory (SO 101, 103, 204, or 205, depending on student's prior work); SO 110 (Introductory Statistics for Social Research) OR if SO 110 has already been taken, SO 201 (Multivariate Analysis); a seminar (187 or 200 level); and five other courses at the 100-200 level. Most students will take a "Reading and Research" course each semester while they work on their Master's degree.