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PPSO Elective Course Guide, 2003-04
The following courses are approved as electives for PPSO concentrators, and most have been taken by concentrators in recent years. The purpose of this list is, more than anything else, to give those contemplating a PPSO concentration a sense of the range of courses at Brown that pertain centrally to organizations and their environments, and thus might serve usefully in students' PPSO concentrations.
The list is neither exhaustive nor guaranteed necessarily appropriate for all students. It is only a list of suggestions, some of which, upon discussion with the concentration advisor, might not seem to suit any particular PPSO program, while other courses, not on the list, might seem entirely appropriate. In addition, courses may have prerequisites that students should plan to complete apart from their formal concentration program. The place to work out these things is in discussion with the concentration advisor.
Study Abroad:
Students wishing to study abroad are very likely to find one or even two courses that complement both their study of organizations and that of the country they are visiting. Thinking about how organizations work in different parts of the world can be an extremely valuable component of PPSO training. Speak with the PPSO concentration Director or Associate Director when you are planning your study abroad about the possibilities for elective courses. We strongly recommend that students planning to study abroad during their junior year complete the six required courses no later than the end of their fifth semester at Brown.
Course Listing:
American Civilization

  • 161, Sec. 01 - Special Topics: American Advertising
Biology and Medicine, Community Health
  • 152 - Emergency Medical Systems: an Anatomy of Critical Performance
  • 168 - Social and Community Medicine (a number of different seminars are given under this general number, some of which are more appropriate for most PPSO concentrators than others--discuss this with a PPSO advisors)
  • 111 - Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • 131 - Labor Economics
  • 135 - Environmental Economics and Policy (Environmental Studies 135)
  • 138 - Economics and the Law
  • 141 - Urban Economics
  • 144 - Economic Theories of Firms
  • 145 - Economics of Regulation
  • 146 - Industrial Organization
  • 148 - Public Economics
  • 176 - Financial Institutions
  • 177 - Financial Markets I
  • 104 - Sociology of Education
  • 113 - Analyzing Education Policy: Lessons from Economics
  • 176 - Education and Public Policy
  • 09 - Management of Industrial and Nonprofit Organizations
  • 90 - Managerial Decision Making
  • 194, Sec. 06 - Entrepreneurship and Good Work: See SO 187, sec. 29, below
Environmental Science
  • 141 - Environmental Policy and Practice
Political Science
  • 105 - Ethics and Public Policy
  • 111 - Mass Media
  • 119 - Federalism and Public Policy
  • 139 - International Organization and World Politics
  • 107 - Money & Society
  • 126 - Market Research in Public and Private Sectors
  • 154 - Human Needs and Social Services
  • 155 - Sociology of Medicine
  • 187- Seminar in Sociology (a number of different seminars are given under this general number, some of which are more appropriate for most PPSO concentrators than others--discuss this with one of the PPSO advisors)