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Courspacket Order Form

Orders are due 8 weeks prior to class start date.

Course Information

Course Name:
Course Number: Semester: Est. Enrollment:

Instructor Information

Campus Address:
Campus Phone: Alt Phone: Fax#
E-mail Address:
Desk Copies Needed: One free desk copy is supplied for courses with an enrollment of at least 15 students and an additional free desk copy for every additional 30 students. Additional desk copies may be purchased by the department. If desk copies are requested after the coursepacks have been printed, they will be charged to the department.
Dept. Account Number (if applicable):

alternate contact information

Phone: E-mail:

packet information

Was the packet used in a previous semester? yes no
If yes, the packet was used in the Semester and contains
Syllabus to be included? yes no.
Format: Binding:
Special Instructions:
List citations of material to be included.