Center for Genomics and Proteomics

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The new fields of genomics and proteomics have ushered in a fundamental paradigm shift towards a massively parallel approach to research in biology and medicine that has become known systems biology. New and rapidly developing technologies enable the simultaneous monitoring of thousands of genes or proteins, their interactions, and their assembly into complex functional networks. The mission of the Brown Center for Genomics and Proteomics is to serve as a focal point of intellectual activity in the new discipline of systems biology. This function is catalyzed by a core group of faculty whose research interests are based on the pursuit and implementation of genome-wide approaches to biological inquiry. Not only pursuing their own research, the Center's members are providing a crucial enabling function to the extended Brown community. This skill set and tool box includes technical know-how, instrumentation platforms, and bioinformatics capabilities. The mission of the Center is not focused on a specific disease or organ system, but rather aims to apply interdisciplinary systems biology research to a wide variety of fundamental biological processes.