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Equipment and Services

Training by Core Facility staff is required on each instrument before first use. Please contact us to arrange training before you need to use the equipment.

Brown users may reserve equipment through the Equipment Sign Up link. External users may reserve equipment by contacting Christoph Schorl at email at or by phone at (401)863-2875.

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Multipurpose Scanner

Typhoon 9410 Variable Mode Imager and Typhoon Blue Laser ModuleTyphoon 9410 Variable Mode Imager and Typhoon Blue Laser Module

Typhoon 9410 Variable Mode Imager. This versatile system handles gel sandwiches, agarose (no ethidium bromide stained gels) and polyacrylamide gels, membranes, microplates, and microarrays. Three lasers (red 633nm, blue 457/488nm, and green 533nm) and a variety of filters and beam splitters provide maximum flexibility in the types of detectable signals. A wide linear dynamic detection range of five orders of magnitude allows both weak and strong signals to be detected in the same sample.

Realtime qPCR

ABI 7900 Fast Sequence Detection System

Two ABI 7900 Fast Sequence Detection Instruments are available for use. The ABI system uses fluorescent-based PCR to provide quantitative detection of nucleic acid sequences using real-time analysis and qualitative detection of nucleic acid sequences using end-point and melting curve analysis. It can be used with TaqMan probe-based chemistry or intercalating dyes such as SYBR Green. ABI 7900 HT qPCR machine can be run with a 96, 384 and TLDA block configuration.
Both instruments allow the simulation of the AB 7700 qPCR run mode and both machines can be run in a standard and fast mode.

Flow Cytometry

BD FACSCalibur Flow CytometerBD FACSCalibur Flow Cytometer

The BD FACSCalibur Flow Cytometer is frequently used for cell cycle analysis, protein expression, and measurement of metabolic activity. The FACSCalibur has one laser with an excitation line at 488 nm, allowing three color fluorescence analysis. Emission signals are centered at 530 nm, 585 nm, and 682 nm. Software used with the cytometer includes CellQuestPro, FACScomp, and ModFit LT.
All first time users of the FACS in the Core Facility have to obtain training prior to first use.
Please contact to set up a date for training.

Affymetrix Arrays

The Affymetrix GeneChip system consists of a gene or probe array, hybridization oven, fluidics station, scanner, and a computer workstation. For more details please see "Services".
Use of the Affymetrix equipment is limited to the Genomics and Proteomics Laboratory Manager.

Scanning of Glass Slide-Based Arrays

5AXON GenePix4000B Scanner

The Axon 4000B instrument scans individual slides in 2 colors (cy3 & cy5) using Genepix Software and simultaneously scans arrays on glass slides at two wavelengths using a dual laser scanning system, which dramatically reduces scan time.
The Core Facility also has the equipment required for hybridization of glass slide based arrays.

Download the Quick User's Guide for the GenePix4000B scannerc

SpectraMax M5 Microplate Reader

SpectraMax M5 Microplate Reader

This is a five-mode multi-detection microplate reader system. The system has primary applications for fluorescence intensity, absorbance, luminescence, time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) and fluorescence polarisation (FP) assays. 6-96 well titre dishes/plates and microcuvettes can be used.
Download guidelines for cuvette use in SpectraMax M5 (Word doc)

Beckman Optima Max Ultracentrifuge

Optima Ultracentrifuge

The Optima Max Ultracentrifuge is capable of handling volumes from just a few µl up to 6.4 ml. Applications include differential gradient separations of proteins, DNA and RNA, lipoproteins, subcellular fractionation, membrane fractionation and sedimentation of viruses. Both fixed angle and swing bucket rotors are available.

Fluorescent Western Scanning

Odyssey Infrared Imaging SystemOdyssey Infrared Imaging System

Odyssey Infrared Imaging System allows multiplex Western Blotting and accurate protein quantification using fluorescent dyes conjugated to secondary antibodies.


Nanodrop ND 1000The Nanodrop ND 1000 measure absorbance and is an alternative to a traditional cuvette spectrophotometer and allows the convenient measurement of small volumes (> 1ul) to determine accurately RNA and DNA concentrations. The software displays the concentration in ng/ul together with some QC metrix.
The use of the Core Facility Nanodrop is restricted to nucleic acid measurement.


Agilent Bioanalyzer

The Genomics Core Facility offers quality/integrity analysis for RNA and DNA samples. Please click under "Services" for more information.

Countess Cell Counter

The Invitrogen Countess provides quick determination of viability and concentration of cells in suspension derived from tissue culture and/or isolated from tissue. It is a convenient alternative to performing time consuming cell counts with a hemocytometer. The Countess uses trypan blue exclusion to distinguish between dead and living cells. Users are charged for slides used.
Please contact Christoph Schorl to discuss biological safety prior to use.