Weinreich Research Group

Microbial Evolutionary Genetics





A cartoon of a single-peaked fitness function, the expected time to the optimum on which is nevertheless equal to that on any random multipeaked fitness function.  Click image for details.

Current Members

Daniel M. Weinreich, Ph.D.

Jennifer Knies, Ph.D.

Brendan Hickey, Sc.B. ‘08

Rachel Cohn, ‘10

Michaeline Nelson, ‘11

Stephanie Spielman, ‘10

Robin Zelman, ‘09



Alexander Franks, ‘08

Jacob Johnson, ‘08

Nicholas Haldan,’08

Rohan Maddamestti, ‘08

Glen Scheinberg, ‘08


Our group uses computers, mathematics and a diversity of microbes to ask basic questions about evolutionary genetics.  Click on lab members’ names above for details on individual projects.


We are actively recruiting new members at all levels from high school to post-doctoral.  Please send an email to Dan Weinreich describing your background and interest if you would like to join us.



A portion of the crystal structure of the TEM-1 β-lactamase.  We have examined the effect on drug resistance of all combinations of the four mutations shown.  Click image for details.


The procession of fixed points in pA Χ D-space as a function of recombination rate (r) for a two-peaked fitness function.  Yellow represents the biologically meaningful region; note that for some r > 0, the red points lie within this region.  In this case they are saddles defining the boundary between basins of attraction.  (The same is true for the purple points when r < 0, though this only a mathematical curiosity.)





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