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Meal Plan Choices and Pricing

A Meal Plan for You

First-year students: Participation in one of the available meal plans is required. Meal service for first-year students begins with breakfast on Saturday, September 3 2016, coinciding with the first day of Orientation.

Upperclass students: Three out of four students participate because of the variety, flexibility and convenience meal plans provide. Regular meal plan service for upperclass students begins with breakfast on Tuesday, September 6, 2016. Fall Semester classes begin on Wednesday. Those students who wish to extend their meal plan to cover the days before classes may sign up for the Pre-Fall Meal Plan (see below).

Graduate and Medical School students: Dining service follows the undergraduate calendar. Contact us for special arrangements.


Meal Plan Add-Ons

Call (401) 863-3343 or stop by our 144 Thayer St office for more info about these plans:

Pre-Fall Meal Plan. This plan for upperclass students offers "all you care to eat" service in the Sharpe Refectory from Saturday, September 3 through Monday, September 5, 2016 for $105.

Club Plan for Seniors. This option offers seniors an opportunity to enjoy the exceptional dining at the Brown Faculty Club. The plan is a $249 add-on to any meal plan above, and it works like a debit system. Seniors on the Club Plan also enjoy the many benefits of Faculty Club membership without the usual fee. More info about the Club Plan.

Meal Plan during Semester Breaks. With the exception of multi-day recesses, service continues uninterrupted through both the Fall and Spring semesters. Meal plan contracts are not in effect between semesters, during spring break or over the summer. Brown Dining offers special meal plans during many breaks.

Special at the Ratty Special at the Ratty

Although meals are available on a cash basis, plans offer a much lower per-meal cost and are therefore a better value. And in addition to all the other inherent benefits, most plans include guest meals at no additional cost. Meal plans are available for undergrads, graduate and medical students.

Please note: Our meal plan mailing contained an error in which it states meal credits are accepted at campus coffee carts and markets. Meal credits are only available at our campus restaurants, while points are accepted at our coffee carts and markets. We apologize for this error. If you have any questions or concerns please call our office at 401-863-3343.

2016-2017 Weekly Plans

Our Weekly Meal Plans offer the best deal and the peace of mind that your meal credits are refreshed each week through the semester's end. How they work: Each week (on Friday morning) your account receives an allocation of 20 meals (for a 20 meal plan) that may be used through the following Thursday. Unused meals don't carry over at the end of the week, but you always start with a fresh balance of 20. You can use up to 3 meals per day, either in dining halls or in the form of a meal "credit" in 2016-17 worth $7.60 in a retail eatery.
Meals / week
Annual Points Guest Meals
$4,916 200 / year 4 / year
$4,628 150 / year 4 / year
$4,200 100 / year 4 / year
$3,806 70 / year 4 / year
$5,800 200 / year 4 / year
$5,502 150 / year 4 / year

2016-2017 Flex Plans

Our Flex Meal Plans are simple. Instead of a set number of meals each week, you'll get a block of meals and points – half for the fall semester, then half plus the remainder from the fall for the spring semester – to use at any point over the course of a semester. Additional Flex points may be added mid-semester to these plans by contacting Dining Services at 401-863-3343. We are also continuing to offer an off-campus plan, with enrollment limited to undergraduate students approved for off-campus permission by the Office of Residential Life, graduate and medical students, RUE and commuter students.
Meals / year
Annual Meals / semester Points Guest Meals
Flex 460
$4,916 230 500 / year 10 / year
Flex 330
$4,628 165 350 / year 8 / year
Flex 240
$4,200 120 250 / year 6 / year
Off-campus 50
$1,568 25 500 / year 0 / year

Kosher and Halal Plans

Brown Dining offers two Kosher / Halal meal plan options for observant Jewish and Muslim students. The Kosher / Halal Flex 20 plan combines the best features or our weekly and Flex plans. It provides 14 meals per week and a block of flex meals. The Kosher / Halal 14 plan provides 14 meals per week without the flex meals.
There is a section of the Ratty designated for Kosher and Halal meal service so that students can adhere to dietary laws while dining with friends in the Ratty. Additionally, you'll enjoy all the benefits of Weekly meal plan participation, including meal credits, guest meals and FlexPlus Points.
Chef Daren Bulley at Divine Providence Kosher Catering supplies complete Glatt Kosher luncheons and dinners Sunday through Friday lunch. Our food reflects our commitment to exceptional quality with an emphasis on sustainable foods. Kosher vegetarian items are provided. All meals are prepared under the supervision of the Vaad HaKashruth of Rhode Island with a mashgiach tmidi present at all times. Sabbath and holiday meals are served at Brown Hillel.
Halal participants are provided with special Halal entrees for lunch and dinner daily. These offerings are prepared fresh by Brown's chefs with ingredients obtained from a local certified Halal butcher. In addition, students are able to enjoy the same catered options as their Kosher companions. For all participants, breakfast and brunch meals are available from the regular meal plan menu.
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