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Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition

Healthful Vegetarian Eating

No doubt you've encountered people who have wondered (aloud) about where you get your protein from. Their mental image of vegetarians seems to be colored with pale and scrawny connotations. If it's not protein, then they're worrying about the levels of iron or calcium in your diet. These can be genuine concerns for vegetarians. It's easy to eat wholesome meals, though it does take some initial adjusting from our culture's predominantly meat-oriented diet. If you already read the many options (listed above) at Brown Dining eateries, you'll realize that healthful, filling meals are just a meal credit or a few FlexPoints away. We try our best to offer well-rounded meals that will meet your nutritional needs with variety to keep your taste buds from boredom. If you think of something we can be doing better, contact Whitney Sheldon at Brown Dining.

You'll find more vegetarian tips and information about specific nutrients, like protein, calcium, iron, vitamins B12 and D, at these sites:

Also check out Health Service's mostly vegetarian list of creative meal ideas at the Ratty or V-Dub.

Vegetarian is on the Menu

You'll find delicious, nutritionally complete vegetarian and vegan meals at all of our eateries. Our great vegetarian selection might be construed as a selfish gesture: there are more than just a few Brown Dining managers and chefs who are vegetarians or simply veggie lovers. But ultimately everyone benefits and Brown Dining takes pride in being able to offer a wide variety of tasty options that satisfy the herbivores (and omnivores) among us. Further down the page there are some informational resources, but first here's a glimpse of the food options you'll find across campus:
Blue Room Each day brings one or two hearty vegetarian soups. If you're in more of a sandwich mood, you'll be right at home with our selection of wraps and focaccia sandwiches packed with fresh and roasted vegetables.
Café Carts Fresh veggie sandwiches, fruit and yogurt keep you going when you're on the go! And if you don't take your coffee black, sweeten it with soymilk from the carts.
Campus Market Vegetarian choices abound at our mini-mart. Have your pick of energy bars, fruit juice medleys and organic snacks.
Andrews Commons There's always a veggie pizza hot from the oven, with choice toppings of broccoli, onion, pepper, olives and mushrooms. Fill your made-to-order deli sandwich with veggies and cheeses.
Ivy Room No trouble here -- it's all vegetarian at night! Taste away, there are Freshens smoothies and shakes, the burrito bar, falafel and veggie sandwiches and personalized pizzas.
Josiah's Even our American-style eatery has plenty vegetarian possibilities. Create your own salad to go. Veggie burgers are steamed right off the grill and onto your plate. Made-to-order options also abound: personalize your wraps, and quesadillas with your pick of veggies, marinades and cheeses.
Sharpe Refectory Roots and Shoots is the "tofu and potatoes" of our vegetarian offerings. There's a constantly changing menu -- steamed veggies, tofu parmesan, stuffed squash, spicy dal, vegetable stir fry, veggie burgers! Featured create-your-own appetizer stations rotate by the week between options like a Mediterranean bruschetta station, a baked potato bar and noodle bowl fixings.

Roots and Shoots is also home to the Vegan Bar. Times have changed since the once-secluded Vegan Bar was the only sure option for a hot entree that was free of dairy and meat. But it's still a guaranteed pleaser for hearty bean medleys and it's still just a stone's throw away from the warm pot of brown rice.

The Ratty features two salad bars. A large spread of garden vegetables, sprouts, raisins, seeds, beans, tofu and eggs arrives with lunch and is refreshed throughout the day. Top it off with your favorite dressings and sauces.

Breakfast on your mind? Mix up some fruit with yogurt or cottage cheese from the salad bar to start off your day. Get hooked on the create-your-own omelette station during breakfast and lunch. And no matter the meal, our extensive cereal bar goes great with soy milk.
Verney-Woolley The V-Dub's extensive salad bar, vegan bar, and cereal options are similar to what you'll find at the Ratty. In addition, stir fry stations with tofu, a nacho bar and other vegetarian-friendly options are also rotating features at the V-Dub.
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