Available Fellowships


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Postdoctoral fellowships are offered with either a primary research focus or a primary clinical focus.  The Investigator-funded and APA-accredited fellowships are Hospital-based and are funded by hospitals through either the hospital operating budgets or individual faculty research grants. Those fellowships funded by hospitals are primarily clinical in nature while those funded by individual faculty research grants are primarily research funded.   The Institutional and Individual NIH-funded fellowships are funded through an NIH T32 Training Grant or through an Individual F32 Fellowship Grant and are research focused.

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Investigator-funded fellowships - primary emphasis on clinical/research training:  These hospital-based clinical/research fellowships are funded by individual faculty research grants.


Methods to Improve Diagnostic Assessment and Services (MIDAS) Project 
Rhode Island Hospital
Supervisor(s):  Mark Zimmerman, MD (primary) Iwona Chelminski, PhD, Kristy Dalrymple, PhD, Diane Young, PhD, Tracy Morgan, PhD, Darren Holowka, PhD

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) - POSITION FILLED
Rhode Island Hospital
Supervisor(s):  Kristy Dalrymple, PhD (primary), Mark Zimmerman, MD, Theresa Morgan, PhD, Darren Holowka, PhD, Catherine D'Avanzato, PhD (appointment pending) 

Perinatal Mood Disorders 
Butler Hospital
Supervisor(s):  Cynthia Battle, PhD, Lauren Weinstock, PhD

Substance use in Primary Care Populations - NO LONGER RECRUITING
Rhode Island Hospital
Supervisor(s): Susan Ramsey, PhD (primary), Peter Friedmann, MD, MPH 


Adolescent Psychopathology - Not filling
Bradley Hospital/Hasbro Children's Research Center
Supervisor(s):  Anthony Spirito, PhD, ABPP (primary), Jennifer Wolff, PhD (primary), Elisabeth Frazier, PhD, Kerri Kim, PhD, Richard Liu, PhD 

Developmental Psychopathology: Genetic & Epigenetic Influences - POSITION FILLED
Rhode Island Hospital & Bradley/Hasbro Children's Research Center 
Supervisor(s): Valerie Knopik, PhD (primary), Rohan Palmer, PhD, Nicole Nugent, PhD 

Adolescent Psychopathology: Social and Epigenetic Influences on Adolescents Discharged from Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitalization - POSITION FILLED
Bradley/Hasbro Children's Research Center
Supervisor(s): Nicole Nugent, PhD (primary), Anthony Spirito, PhD, ABPP, Richard Liu, PhD, Jennifer Wolff, PhD 


Integrative Data Analysis of HIV Prevention Trials Not Filling
The Miriam Hospital
Supervisor(s): Jennifer Walsh, PhD (primary), Michael Carey, PhD

Adolescent Depression and Adolescent Stress Response
The Miriam Hospital
Supervisor(s): Laura Stroud, PhD (primary), Margaret Bublitz, PhD

Maternal Smoking/Depression and Offspring Biobehavioral Risk Processes
The Miriam Hospital
Supervisor(s): Laura Stroud, PhD, John Todaro, PhD 


Dementia Research - POSITION FILLED
Butler Hospital
Supervisor(s):  Paul Malloy, PhD (primary) Stephen Salloway, MD, Irene Piryatinsky, PhD

APA-accredited fellowships - primary emphasis on clinical training: These hospital-based clinical fellowships are funded by hospitals.


Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) - POSITION FILLED
Brown University
Supervisor(s):  Laura Sobik, PhD, Linda Walsh, PhD (primary) Sherri Nelson, PhD, Jackie Twitchell, PhD, Erin Lane-Aaronian, PhD, Allyson Brathwaite-Gardner, PhD (faculty appointment pending for all listed), Anthony Spirito, PhD 

Interprofessional Care- POSTITION FILLED
Providence VAMC (Returning Veterans Program and PTSD Clinic) & New Bedford CBOC (Primary Care Behavioral Health) 
Supervisor(s):   Jennifer Lambert, PhD (primary), Stephen Correia, PhD, Nancy Brand, PhD, Megan Spencer, PhD, Uma Subbiah, PhD (faculty appointment pending)

Stress Disorder - POSITION FILLED
Providence VAMC

Supervisor(s): William Unger, PhD, Heather Frank, PhD, Christy Capone, PhD 

Substance Abuse Treatment Program in the Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences Service  - POSITION FILLED
Providence VAMC
Supervisor(s):   Jane Metrik, PhD (primary), Jayne Kurkjian, PhD, Brian Borsair, PhD, Robert Tilton, PsyD (appointment pending)

Services for Returning Veterans - Mental Health - POSITION FILLED
Providence VAMC
Supervisor(s): Caren Francione, PhD, Nancy Brand, PHD, Suzannah Mozley, PhD (appointment pending) 

General Mental Health - POSITION FILLED
Providence VAMC 
Supervisor(s): Janell Schartel, PhD (primary), Brian Borsari, PhD, William San Antonio, LICSW, Kathy Neil, LICSW (appointment pending) 

Recovery Section Services Team - POSITION FILLED
Providence VAMC
Supervisor(s): Marjorie Crozier, PsyD (primary - appointment pending), Bill Carr, PhD (appointment pending)


Early Childhood - POSITION FILLED
Bradley Hospital
Supervisor(s): Christine Low, PhD, Stephanie Parade, PhD, Ronald Seifer, PhD, Rebecca Silver, PhD, Stephanie Shepard Umaschi, PhD 

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for Adolescents - POSITION FILLED
Bradley Hospital
Supervisor(s): Jennifer Kittler, PhD (primary), Natalie Zervas, PhD, Kerri Kim, PhD, Anna Villavicencio, PhD 

School-Based Day Treatment and Child/Adolescent Psychopathology - POSITION FILLED
Bradley Hospital/Bradley School
Supervisor(s):  Lisa Freda, PsyD (primary), James Chung-Brcak, PsyD, Anthony Spirito, PhD, ABPP 

Developmental Disabilities - POSITION FILLED
Bradley Hospital
Supervisor(s):  Barbara Tylenda, PhD, ABPP (primary) Stephen Sheinkopf, PhD

Clinical Outcomes of Child and Adolescent Intensive Services - POSITION FILLED
Bradley Hospital
Supervisor(s): Anne Walters, PhD, Stephanie Parade, PhD, Steven Barreto, PhD, Jennifer Wolff, PhD, Elisabeth Frazier, PhD, Jennifer Kittler, PhD

The Pediatric Anxiety Research Center (PARC)
Bradley Hospital
Supervisor(s): Jennifer Freeman, PhD (primary), Abbe Garcia, PhD,  Michael Walther, PhD, Kristen Benito, PhD, Jennifer Herren, PhD, Christine Conelea, PhD, Brady Case, MD


Providence VAMC & The Miriam Hospital
Supervisor(s):  Rebecca Papas, PhD (primary), Alan Sirota, PhD, John McGeary, PhD, Megan Pinkston, PhD, Janel Schartell, PhD 

Primary Care Behavioral Health - POSITION FILLED
Providence VAMC 
   Tracy O’Leary Tevyaw, PhD, Kevin McKay, PhD, Caitlin Burditt, PhD, Karen Oliver, PhD, Alan Sirota, PhD 


Neuropsychology - POSITION FILLED
Rhode Island Hospital & The Miriam Hospital
Supervisor(s):  Geoffrey Tremont, PhD, ABPP-CN (primary), Jennifer Davis, PhD, Melissa Buttaro, PhD, David Ahern, PhD

Pediatric Neuropsychology - POSITION FILLED
Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island and Rhode Island Hospital
Supervisor(s):  Terry Harrison-Goldman, EdD (primary), Julie  Wilson, PhD, Rebecca McLean, PhD, Merideth Amaya Hodges, PhD, Sean Deoni, PhD, Christine Trask, PhD, ABPP

Institutional NIH-funded Fellowships - research fellowships funded through an NIH T32 Training Grant: There are currently three NIH-supported institutional training grants associated with the DPHB.

There are also two NIH-supported institutional training grants associated with the Center for Alcohol and Addictions Studies (CAAS):