Advanced Clinical Mentorship

Students are required to complete an advanced clinical mentorship (ACM) in their last two years of medical school. The ACM must be 12 sessions, (anticipating vacation weeks) duration and must consist of one-half day per week at a single outpatient site. For 12 weeks of the ACM experience (based on one-half day per week), one week of credit will be counted towards the required 80 clinical weeks. Additional sessions may not be taken due to other students who are waiting. 

The ACM has the unique characteristic of running concurrently with other clerkships and electives. Without proper planning, this can be problematic for you and for clerkship directors. This can be avoided by following the simple suggestions that follow.

  1. Consider when the best time might be to begin your ACM. The 12 sessions can be fulfilled anytime during your third or fourth year and may be interrupted.   You must successfully complete 12 sessions to receive one week of elective credit.  To get the most out of your ACM it is recommended that you begin after you have completed all or most of the core clerkships. This usually means starting it in the beginning of your final year (May-December).
  2. If your ACM will run concurrently with a core clerkship, carefully review that clerkship's "don't miss" times in the clerkship (see below). Working with your ACM supervisor, try to develop a satisfactory schedule. Scheduling of core clerkship requirements takes precedence over ACM activities.  Since one of the goals of the ACM is seeing patients in follow-up, advance planning is critical. ACM scheduling options may include changing the half-day period, starting your half-day at a different time, or scheduling ACM activities for less often than every week.  The responsibility for advance planning rests on your shoulders, so plan ahead!
  3. Speak directly to the clerkship director whose clerkship will run concurrently with your ACM at least five weeks in advance. Let the clerkship director know what your plans are and see if he or she has any other suggestions. If you have planned carefully, the clerkship director should be agreeable with your plan. If the clerkship director offers you an alternative suggestion and you can reasonably accommodate that alternative, then you should adopt that plan instead.  It is at the clerkship director's discretion whether or not you will be permitted to attend your ACM sessions during their clerkship.
  4. Objectives of the ACM - See link at bottom of page for student objectives.
  5. With advanced planning and good faith on the part of all concerned, everything should work out fine.

Below is a listing of advanced clinical mentorships that are formally offered. Please be in touch with the contact person listed for availability and scheduling. If you are interested in doing an ACM that is not on this list, it must be proposed as an independent study at least two weeks before it is to begin. Forms for that purpose can be downloaded through the link at the bottom of this page. 

Please be in touch with Lori Avallone (863-1580 or by email at if you have any questions regarding your ACM requirement. Be sure to inform Ms. Avallone of the start and anticipated end dates of your ACM prior to the starting date so you can be registered for the rotation. Credit towards your graduation requirements will not be applied retroactively if you are not registered for your ACM. Not fulfilling the requirement can result in your date of graduation being delayed.

Established Advanced Clinical Mentorships


Who to Contact to set up Specialty Location Course Numbers

Helene Felici, 444-3406




Dr. Sybil Cineas, 444-6118


Med/Peds Clinic


Rachel Correia, 444-5344

Medicine with Dr. Fagan



Sherri Quentall, 274-1122 x2721




Jane Shaw, 729-2763

Family Medicine



Dr. Sarah Mayson at 444-6304




Sarah 444-8766




Patricia Costa, 793-2985

Barbara Bottone, 793-4025

Comprehensive HIV Care

MH Immunology Ctr. or ACI*
*Adult Correctional Institution


Dr. Jerrold Rosenberg




Dr. Paul Greenberg,


Coro Ctr, 202


Dr. Joseph Friedman 739-0350


Neuro Health 227 Centerville Rd., Warwick RI


Dr. T. Tracy, 444-7605-Joan

Pediatric Surgery



Dr. R. Cosgrove, 444-8040




Call Leslie, 444-8393 for a listing of available surgeons


Rhode Island Hospital


Dr. AP Weiss, 457-1520

Hand Surgery

RIH/University Orthopedics


Warren Ong

Outpt. Psychiatry



Sun Ahn,

Vascular & Interventional Radiology



For a full, complete list of established Advanced Clinical Mentorships, please check Oasis.  Contact Lori Avallone with questions or concerns at 863-1580.

Please use this guide when scheduling your advanced clinical mentorship.
These are the “don’t miss” times on clerkships for scheduling your advanced clinical mentorship as well as contact information.

Medicine – please refer to your specific site:

RIH – Rachel Correia at 444-5344

Miriam Hosp.  –  Diane Boulais at 793-4001

MHRI – Evelyn Valois at 729-2859

VAMC – Allison Jeffrey at 273-7100 X 3407

Monday & Wednesday afternoon

During 4 wks. of out-pt., Mon & Wed. PMs cannot be missed. During 8 wks. in-pt, Tues.Thurs. & Fri. PMs are the least disruptive

Mornings on inpatient month; Tues – Fri afternoons.  Mondays are best day or Ambulatory month

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday afternoons on in-pt. & Thursday when on out-patient

Surgery – Leslie Cabana at 444-8393

Ob/Gyn – Kristine at 274-1122, ext. 1805

Tuesday morning grand rounds 7-8AM; orientation and workshops on Monday & Tuesday of the first week & the Monday, Thursday and Friday of the last week of the clerkship and Monday - Thursday 4pm-5pm.

Every day from 3:30 – 5:00 PM Call for more information/guidance

Pediatrics – Helene at 444-3406

Psychiatry – all sites – Allison at 455-6417

All mornings & Tuesday and Thursday afternoons

All mornings & Wednesday afternoons

Family Medicine – Jane at 729-2763


                                                     Add day on Wednesdays.


If you'd like to propose an ACM that is not on this list and is not one of the established ones listed in Oasis, please complete and submit the form below, and be sure it's submitted and approved before starting the experience.  Advanced Clinical Mentorship Application for Independent Study.