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Pre-College Courses
Pre-College Courses
Pre-College Courses
Pre-College Courses
Pre-College Courses


Non-credit courses in the liberal arts and sciences

2015 Program Dates:

Multiple 1 to 4-Week Sessions


For students completing 9th-12th grade by June 2014

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The application period for Summer 2015 opens in December.

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Summer@Brown courses are for students looking to experience college level academics on an Ivy League campus – without the pressures of credit or grades. Nearly 200 courses reflecting the breadth of the Brown undergraduate curriculum provide opportunities for students to study alongside others who are focused on learning, with instructors who are passionate about their subject areas.

As part of your learning at Brown you may well do things you have only dreamed of - shadow a physician, transform your thoughts into crisp writing, learn what makes things work, (or not work), map the stars, study human behavior through neuroscience, philosophy, history or literature, or analyze your own DNA.

What to Study?

The process of choosing your courses begins with some questions:

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Where You Will Live

Students live in residence halls within walking distance of academic buildings and campus resources. A team of carefully selected and trained Residence Directors (RDs) and Residential Advisors (RAs) live along with the Summer@Brown students in each of residence halls. These skilled and caring live-in professionals and Brown undergraduates help students create a balanced academic and social life. More »

Your Daily Schedule

Courses typically meet Monday through Friday in the morning or afternoon for a minimum of 3 hours per day. In addition to attending class, you will have daily assignments, group work, and opportunities to meet with your instructor. Many courses also feature site visits, labs, and hands-on projects, all of which broaden your learning experiences. At the close of the summer, students enrolled in courses two weeks or longer receive a narrative Course Performance Report, in which the instructor outlines the content of the course and evaluates the student’s performance.

Take More Than One Course

Accepted students may choose to attend multiple sessions throughout the summer, either combining a series of related courses, one building upon the other, or to immerse themselves in a variety of subjects, each a different passion. For information about taking more than one course in the same session, please contact our office.

Life Outside of the Classroom

Outside of class, you’ll have the experience of independent living on an Ivy League campus, making friends, attending events and social activities on campus, and having time for summer fun. Preparing for college continues with an extensive Co-Curricular activity calendar – workshops and presentations designed specifically to help you succeed with your college applications, better prepare you for the transition to college life and college-level academics. More »