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Non-credit courses in the liberal arts and sciences

2015 Program Dates:

Multiple 1 to 4 - Week Sessions


For students completing 9th-12th grade by June 2015

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Courses offered through Summer@Brown are designed for students looking to experience college level academics on an Ivy League campus. Reflecting Brown’s broad liberal arts curriculum, Summer@Brown features nearly 200 courses, designed and taught at the level of first year college courses, and ranging in length from one to four weeks.  Resting on two principles at the core of a Brown undergraduate education - the open curriculum and a transcript that includes only successful course work – the program shifts the focus away from grades and credits and towards the learning itself.

The program attracts likeminded students, ambitious and driven in their educational pursuits. This, combined with passionate instructors, fuels the program's engaging curriculum. Along with a robust co-curricular program, Summer@Brown is designed to help prepare students for the self-discipline and independence required for college level life and learning.

Classes meet for three hours daily, and are scheduled evenly across the day during the morning, early afternoon and late afternoon. Each course may require up to three hours of daily out-of-class homework assignments – reading, writing, group work and studying. This time will also include scheduled meetings with your instructor or course Teaching Assistant. Many courses will feature site visits and excursions, labs and hands-on projects, all of which broaden the student learning experience.

At the close of the summer, students enrolled in courses two weeks or longer receive a narrative Course Performance Report (CPR), in which the instructor outlines the content of the course and evaluates the student’s performance. All students who successfully fulfill the course requirements will receive a certificate indicating such.

Live and Learn on Brown’s Ivy League Campus

Outside of class, students will experience the independence and responsibility of life on an Ivy League campus. They will meet fellow students from around the world, attend events, workshops and social activities.

For the duration of their stay, students will use Brown University campus amenities. Brown’s residence halls are within walking distance of academic buildings and campus resources. Each hall is staffed with carefully selected and trained Residence Directors (RDs) and Residential Advisors (RAs), who live onsite. Students will also enjoy the use of Brown’s dining facilities for meal times.

What to Study?

The process of choosing your courses begins with some questions about yourself:

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Take More Than One Course

Accepted students may choose to enroll in multiple courses, arranging them in successive, overlapping or concurrent sessions.  Most students who take more than one course enroll in a series of courses in succession, taking one course at a time. While enrolling in concurrent courses is demanding, given the amount of class and study time each course requires, many students will build a schedule that includes courses that overlap for part of their time at Brown. For more information about course scheduling, please contact our office.