Shibboleth Authentication Help


If you experience problems logging in, try the troubleshooting tips below.


  1. You must log in with a valid Brown Username and password.
  2. Use your Username (AuthID) not your NetID to log in (e.g. jcarberr NOT Josiah_Carberry).
  3. Your browser must be set to accept all cookies in order for you to log in.
  4. Once you log in, your credentials bind to your browser until you exit your browser. If the site has a logout link, it will log you out of that particular site, but not out of your Shibboleth credentials.
  5. For additional security, you may need to re-authenticate if you change your IP address or your session times out. This may happen when switching wireless locations, changing how you connect to the internet, or if browser session lasts a few hours.
  6. The only way to completely remove your Shibboleth credentials from your current browser session is to completely exit your browser (including all open browser windows).
  7. You will need to log in again if you exit or restart your browser.

Brown's restricted web space is a secured environment. If you do not exit your browser, subsequent users will be able to access restricted URLs as if they were you.

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