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Providence Journal September 11, 2006
Brown professor created 9/11 work as a witness
Paul Myoda, assistant professor of visual art, discusses his motivation for creating “Tribute in Light,” the art installation at the site of the fallen World Trade Center. The work of art, made of 88 7,000-watt spotlights, will be exhibited again in New York City’s financial district the evening of Sept. 11.

Los Angeles Times September 11, 2006
9/11 has changed few lives
The Los Angeles Times examines how routines have changed in the five years since hijacked planes struck the World Trade Center and Pentagon. In a sidebar of remarks from a variety of people, Professor of English Paula Vogel notes: “As a teacher who works with emerging American writers, I experience 9/11 and the trauma of the aftermath ... in each and every workshop. Plays are pouring in from this rising generation, brave and bold, and 9/11 is not the elephant in the room, it is the walls, the floor, the air.”

Los Angeles Times September 10, 2006
Rhode Island race may be key to Senate
Professor of Political Science Darrell West compares the campaign challenges faced by R.I. Sen. Lincoln Chafee to those recently faced by Conn. Sen. Joseph Lieberman.

USA Today September 10, 2006
R.I. race a tussle for Senate's most liberal Republican
Professor of Political Science Darrell West comments on the Chafee-Laffey primary race. "For Republicans, voters have to decide between their preferences and pragmatism," he said.

Washington Times September 11, 2006
Senate seat on line for GOP in Rhode Island primary
Professor of Political Science Darrell West describes the primary between R.I. Sen. Lincoln Chafee and Steve Laffey as "a battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette September 10, 2006
Security is pre-election battlefield
In an article about the Republican Party’s use of national security as an election issue, Wendy Schiller, associate professor of political science, notes that for many voters, homeland security issues are intertwined with the war in Iraq .

ABC News September 7, 2006
Painkillers: Too Much, Too Easy
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine Frederick Burgess comments on a new plan allowing doctors to issue multiple 90-day prescriptions for painkillers.

Wall Street Journal September 9, 2006
How lowering the bar helps colleges prosper
A book by Wall Street Journal reporter Dan Golden reviews admissions practices at several Ivy League schools, including Brown. This article is an adaptation from Golden’s book. The article notes: “Brown's dean of admissions, Jim Miller, says the school wouldn't comment on the credentials of any particular student, citing confidentiality rules. In general, he says, ‘all students at Brown are admitted because the university believes they are qualified, can meet the rigorous demands of our academic program, and will be active and contributing members of our community.’” This article was reprinted in the Providence Journal.

MedIndia September 6, 2006
Meth use increases risk of underweight babies
Methamphetamine taken during pregnancy can lead to underweight babies, according to a paper published by Barry Lester, professor of psychiatry and human behavior. MedIndia is a health Web portal; similar articles appeared in other health-related Web site around the world.

Hola July 26, 2006
Theodora de Grecia, Una Actriz en Familia
A feature about Princess Theodora of Greece ‘06 in the Spanish magazine Hola includes coverage of Commencement 2006 events on campus.