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October 30, 2006
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October 27, 2006
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Wall Street Journal    October 27, 2006
Just as soaring first-time applications are making it harder to get into college in the first place, increases in transfer applications up the competition there, too. Brown University this year admitted 44 transfers out of about 1,100 applicants, compared with 283 admitted last year out of 823. Also, Dean of Admission Jim Miller offers tips for potential transfer students.
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New York Times   October 30, 2006
Three readers send letters to the editor in response to an editorial regarding the findings of the University Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice, which released its report on Oct. 18.
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Jet magazine   November 6, 2006
Brown University takes steps to make amends for slavery ties
The University’s Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice presents its report on the University’s ties to slavery, and how the University should acknowledge and take accountability for those ties.

U.S. News & World Report   November 6, 2006
Increasingly, federal intelligence agencies reach out to scholars - through workshops, fellowships, conferences, wikis and blogs - to open the notoriously insular espionage community to fresh ideas and to change the way U.S. intelligence agencies do their job. Professor of Anthropology William O. Beeman has taken part in such seminars under every administration since the Carter presidency, and notes that his efforts “are now more important than ever. Given Washington's recent record of glaring intelligence failures, he adds, ‘I am very disposed to doing anything I can to bring some enlightenment to these people.’”

New York Times   October 29, 2006
Professor of Political Science James Morone offers his perspective on why obese people are becoming the scapegoats for number of society’s ills - most recently, global warming. This article appeared in several newspapers across the United States.
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Spokesman Review   October 30, 2006
An article about a group of male dieters who blog about their weight-loss efforts mentions STOP Regain, the latest research trial conducted by Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior Rena Wing.
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Associated Press   October 30, 2006
An article about the resurgence of Students for a Democratic Society on college campuses quotes Paul Buhle, a 1960s SDS leader and now a senior lecturer in the Department of American Civilization. Buhle says he is optimistic the group will grow, and notes that a course he teaches on politics of the 1960s has had its largest enrollment this year. This wire service article appeared in media throughout the Southeast.

Toronto Star   October 29, 2006
Professor of Psychology Mary Carskadon and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Judy Owens offer their perspectives on what interferes with teenage sleep.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution   October 29, 2006
Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger “has positioned himself into a different part of the political landscape," says Darrell West, political science professor. Schwarzenegger's lead in the polls "says to other Republicans that independence is a good thing. It allows you to control your own political fate," he adds. This article was distributed through Cox News Service and appeared in newspapers throughout the United States.

Associated Press   October 27, 2006
Professor of Political Science Darrel West says that Sen. Lincoln Chafee's recent focus on a Rhode Island political scandal involving the city of Providence may be too local to resonate with voters this year. “I think on Election Day, people are going to be voting based on Iraq, health care, education and taxes,” West said. This wire service article was distributed to member media throughout New England.

Health Day   October 27, 2006
New research into the neural circuitry of both gregarious and antisocial birds may help scientists pinpoint where in the human brain people make assessments and decisions about strangers. Teige P. Sheehan, assistant professor of psychology, weighs in on the findings. This wire service article was distributed to member media throughout North America.

Washington Times   October 28, 2006
Professor of Political Science Darrell West notes that this year’s Chafee-Whitehouse campaign “has become a referendum on Bush and Iraq and people are blaming Chafee even though he voted against the war. It's one of the most ironic elections.”

Providence Business News   October 28, 2006
Michael E. Hogue, a Jewelry District resident and businessman who is president of the Jewelry District Association, says he doesn’t expect the sale of seven Jewelry District properties to Brown University to hurt the area. “I think the Jewelry District is getting close to a tipping point, such as Wayland Square was four or five years ago, and I think Brown is going to accelerate that tipping point, because they’re good neighbors, good landlords.”
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The New London Day   October 30, 2006
An editorial praises Brown for its plan to continue to pay property taxes on seven buildings it will purchase in Providence’s Jewelry District.
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Brown University Press Release   October 30, 2006
Brown University will host a conference, “The Jerusalem Perspective: 150 Years of Archeological Research,” Nov. 12-14, 2006. Organized by Visiting Assistant Professor of Old World Archaeology and Art Katharina Galor, the event will be the first time Israeli and Palestinian scholars have come together in an academic exchange and discussion of their archaeological research.