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November 8, 2006
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Time Out London   October 30, 2006
“Household Gods: The British and Their Possessions,” a book by Associate Professor of History Deborah Cohen, “tracks the obsession from the mid-nineteenth century through to 1945, mainly focusing on the conflict between the austere religiosity of the Victorian middle classes and their tendency to, as Cohen puts it, ‘stuff their houses full of objects.’” Time Out London is a weekly magazine.

Providence Business News   November 6, 2006
In a new report to the National Commission for Quality Long-Term Care, Professor of Medical Science Vincent Mor and Edward Alan Miller, assistant professor of public policy (research), describe the state of long-term care in the United States and outline six key “areas of concern.”
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Boston Globe   November 8, 2006
Professor of Political Science Darrell West describes the regional political realignment, apparent in the Nov. 7 midterm elections, as a "durable, longer-term trend" that is independent of the Iraq war or President Bush's approval ratings.

National Public Radio   November 7, 2006
Professor of Economics Glenn Loury joins a roundtable discussion on the possibility of post-election legal challenges; a list calling Haiti the “most corrupt” country; and a new survey showing that some employees feel bullied in the workplace.