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A Symposium to Celebrate the Pioneering Contributions of

Professor Ares J. Rosakis on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday

September 16-17, 2016, School of Engineering, Brown University, Providence, RI 02912

Symposium Chairs: Pradeep R. Guduru, Huajian Gao & G. Ravichandran


Welcome to the Symposium on "Mechanics of Materials Across Nano to Geological Time and Length Scales" to celebrate the technical contributions of Professor Ares J. Rosakis (California Institute of Technology) on the occasion of his 60th birthday. The symposium brings together distinguished engineers and scientists from multiple disciplines for a vibrant discussion of the research frontiers in the respective fields. Throughout his distinguished career, Ares has been a much admired teacher, a mentor and a friend to all who worked with him. The symposium is a great occasion for Ares' students, postdocs, collaborators and friends to get together to celebrate Ares' contributions and their association with him.

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