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  Topic More info Reference/Example
  Teaching with Technology General Overview of various aspects of the use of technology in education reference
  Effective Powerpoint Techniques Do's and Don't's reference
Technology in Psychiatry  
  Pocket PC's, PDAs in Psychiatry From beginner to advanced techniques web page for APA course
  PDA prescription programs Comparison of PDA prescription programs , review of evidence. reference
  Virtual Reality in Psychiatry Update on the use of virtual reality in therapy, teaching, and other uses. references:1, 2
Psychosomatic Medicine  
  Psychiatric Aspects of HIV General discussion, but focusing on research done by author on the course of HIV in women. references: 1, 2
  Pain Disorders in Psychiatry Discussion and critique of psychiatry's approach to pain disorders. reference
  Psychodynamic Aspects of the Competency Consultation Variation of presentation given @ Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine,
Geriatric Psychiatry  
  Depression in the Elderly   reference
  Pain disorders in the Elderly  
General Topics  
  Dr. Boland is the primary lecturer for the Introduction to Psychiatric Course at Brown University, where he lectures on general topics of psychiatric, including all major psychiatric disorders, including clinical presentation, neuropsychiatric aspects and treatment of these disorders. His lectures are highly regarded by students for their clarity, interactive nature, and the innovative use of multimedia techniques in demonstrating psychiatric disorders.




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