Weekly Group Tutorial Meetings

Conference sections will be divided into small groups of (we hope) no more than 10 students, which will meet in person weekly with a faculty member for discussion and problem solving.



Lecture Videos Covered

Fri Jan 28 (for Wed groups) or Mon Jan 31


Episode 1 (no slides needed)

Wed Feb 2 or Mon Feb 7


Matlab tutorial (no slides needed)

Wed Feb 9 or Mon Feb 14

Particle Kinematics

Episode 2 & Episode 3

Wed Feb 16 or Wed Feb 13 (Mon groups)

Particle Dynamics

Episode 4 & Episode 5

Mon Feb 28 or Wed March 2


Episode 6 & Episode 7

Man March 7 or Wed March 9


Episode 8 & Episode 9

Mon March 21 or Wed March 23

Free Vibrations

Episode 11, Episode 12 & Episode 13

Mon April 4 or Wed April 6

Forced Vibrations

Episode 14 & Episode 15

Mon April 18 or Wed April 20

Rigid Body Kinematics

Episode 16 & Episode 17

Mon April 25 or Wed April 27

Rigid Body Dynamics

Episode 19 & Episode 20



Written and Video Tutorials


1. MATLAB tutorial (This reviews EN30 MATLAB topics and introduces several new topics)

Video Tutorial (Covers topics needed for problem set #1)

  1. Using Live Scripts
    1. Solving equations
    2. Plotting functions
    3. Integrals
    4. Maximizing a function
  2. MATLAB scripts
    1. Vectors and Matrices
    2. Loops
    3. Conditional Statements
    4. Examples Using Loops, Conditional Statements, and Plotting Graphs and Images
    5. Functions
    6. Example Problem Featuring a Function, a Loop and a Conditional Statement
  3. Solving differential equations with MATLAB
    1. Solving a simple differential equation by hand
    2. Solving Differential Equations Analytically with a Live Script
    3. Solving Differential equations Numerically with ode45 in a matlab function
    4. Example: Solve and Plot the Solution to a Differential Equation (Battery Charging)
    5. Solving Two Simultaneous Differential Equations (Predator-Prey Problem)
  4. How a numerical differential equation solver works

2. Calculus Review (external link, notes written by Dr. Ismor Fischer, University of Wisconsin)


3. Vector Tutorial  pdf format  (if you haven't done EN3, you might find this helpful)