The following is a list of those who have contributed to the textual material already incorporated into the Decameron Web. The list is constantly updated as existing documents are imported into the project.

The contributors are listed alphabetically by their initials which appear at the bottom of the documents for which they are responsible:

A. B.

Aaryn Bastic

A. K.

Alexandra Kairis

A. M. S.

Merrill Stubbs

A. T.

Anthony Terrizzi

B. C.

Belinda Chen

B. S.

Bjorn Smith

C. F.

Cristiana Fordyce

C. H.

Chandra Harris

C. M.

Carrie Murphy

C. Sa.

Clare Sandy

C. Si.

Carla Simonini

D. N.

Daniela Niutta

D. S.

David Stolter

E. L.

Erika Lesser

E. S.

Erik Saganic

G. A.

Guyda Armstrong

G. M.

Giorgio Melloni

G. P.

Giuliana Picco

G. R.

Giovanna Roz

G. S.

Giuseppe Strazzeri

J. K.

Joyce Kaufman

J. Q.

Justin Quimby

J. R.

Jacob Reuter

J. U.

Jonathan Usher

L. G.

Laurie Golnick

M. H.

Michael Hemment

M. L.

Meg Lamont

M. P.

Michael Papio

M. R.

Massimo Riva

N. F.

Naomi Furusawa

N. S.

Nadia Sawicki

P. G.

Patricia Giarrusso

R. P.

Rala Potter

S. D'O.

Sabrina D'Orsi

S. K.

Susan Kramer

S. P.

Sergio Parussa

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