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Martha & Her Majesty Queen Noor (1998).
Martha Sharp Joukowsky is a veteran of over 30 years as a field archaeologist specializing in the Near East. She has worked in Turkey and published the results of the prehistoric excavations in Aphrodisias in Turkey. Since 1992 she has directed the Brown University excavations at the Great Great Temple in Petra, in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Martha Sharp Joukowsky is Professor, Center for Old World Archaeology and Art and Department of Anthropology, at Brown University (1982-present). She has excavated in Lebanon (1967-1972), Hong Kong (1972-1973), Turkey (1975-1986), Italy (1982-1985), and Greece (1987-1990).

Martha Sharp Joukowsky was also elected as President (1989-1993) of the Archaeological Institute of America and has held the position of Trustee for the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, (1987-present). She also serves as Trustee Emerita of Brown University.

Martha Sharp Joukowsky has published 6 books and over 50 scholarly articles. She has also been the invited speaker at seminars and lectures around the world.

Her publications are:

  • A Complete Manual of Field Archaeology
  • The Young Archaeologist in the Oldest Port City in the World
  • Prehistoric Aphrodisias: An Account of the Excavations and Artifact Studies
  • The Crisis Years — The 12th Century B.C.: From the Danube to the Tigris Conference Proceedings, May 16-19, 1990
  • The Heritage of Tyre: Essays in the History, Archaeology and Preservation of Tyre
  • Early Turkey: An Introduction to the Archaeology of Anatolia from Prehistory Through the Lydian Period
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