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An exedra is a large niche or recess, usually with a bench or seats and usually of semicircular or rectangular plan. It may be roofed or not.

In 1996, the East Exedra was located and excavated to a depth of 4m. Buttressed and niched just like its twin, the West Exedra excavated in 1994-1995, this apsidal structure measures approximately 12.4m in exterior width, 6.7m in interior width, and 5.4m from front to back. Like the West Exedra, it too has twin columns located at its entrance.

In 1997, excavation commenced behind the East Exedra (to the south). Uncovered was an arched cistern.

The East Exedra, Trench 37, 1997
The East Exedra being drawn, 1997
The arched walkway behind the east exedra, 1997
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