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Hidden Text (Place Bible)

Week 1. (January 26) An Introduction in favour of Places, and the making of a place-world.

Week 2. (February 2) Places of modernity, places in supermodernity

Place reports: Starbucks, Airport terminals, Industrial ruins

Reading downloads (Note: These materials have been archived and no longer publicly accessible.)

Week 3. (February 9) Landscape: entering the place-world

Place reports: Ostia (Claudia), Göbekli Tepe (Emily).

Optional feed for grad students:

Göbekli Tepe: web representation of an archaeological place

February 16. Long weekend: No class.

Week 4. (February 23) Dreamed, imagined, storied landscapes: ethnographic accounts of the place-world

Place reports: Kabyle House (James)

Kabyle House

Week 5. (March 2) Archaeology of "natural" places and geological wonders: technologies of place and place-making

Place reports: Hierapolis/Pamukkale (Keffie), Maya caves (James), Bodmin Moor (Jessica)

Maya caves: ritual uses

Bodmin Moor: archaeological place as wilderness

Week 6. (March 9) Anatolian landscapes: environment, archaeology, and the long-term history

Place reports: Madra River Delta survey(Claudia),

Week 7 (March 16) Rock reliefs, caves, springs and quarries: sacred places in the Hittite and Assyrian landscapes

Place reports: Ivriz (Bochay), Fasıllar (Brad), Project Paphlagonia (Emily), Avkat Project (Sarah)


March 21-29 Spring Break

Week 8 (March 30) Fieldwork in locating places: Mediterranean style landscape surveys and methodologies of place

Place reports: Sandy Pylos (Brad)

1 page Final Paper Proposals with preliminary bibliography due on Friday April 3 to be posted on the Projects Page

Week 9 (April 6) Ethnography and ethnohistory in landscape archaeology: Workshop with Hamish Forbes

Week 10 (April 13) Site-specific/site-generated art: memory, technology and place

Place reports: Ann Hamilton (Sarah), Gordon Matta-Clark (Tim).

Week 11 (April 20) Event of place: towards of complex understanding of archaeologies of place: fieldwork as site-specific performance

Week 12 (April 27) Presentation of Projects (Final Paper Drafts due)

Final papers due: May 8.