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by Ilhan Berk

(Translation: Jean-Jacques Poucel and Korkut Onaran)


Silence is the essence of houses:

stairs, rooms, seats, floors weave silence.


Houses are yarny webs of goat paths.

These are the goat paths that feed the houses

that spread such a silence and boundlessness.

And everything lives this silence fully.

(This is the only thing that's shared in the house.)

House is room.

An island.

(A world of it's own.)

An inward call.

A compliment to solitude and enclosures.

But it is the houses we always see.

It is always the houses that spectate.

Wandering about, they dwell as if in absence.

Opening and closing doors

In houses every thing exists for every thing else.

(Being sealed-off requires this.)

The room lives only for itself.

In all cases, the house repairs to dreaming.

The room always wakes

And speaks of everything.

Everything has a meaning

(Nothing escapes meaning).

A person is an island.

A room: a world.