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Posted at Sep 05/2007 11:36PM:
Hey I'm Jacob. I'm a first-year from Los Angeles. My high school (obviously) didn't really have any archaeological opportunities so I'm interested in this course because it's my first foray into archeology in an academic sense. Also, this summer I read a book called "The Oracle" about the oracle at Delphi and her place in the Greek world. The author looked at the oracle in a classic sense, then from the perspective of 19th century archeology and then modern archeology, all of which fascinated me. So this course is basically just for me to see what all this fascinating subject has to offer.

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Posted at Sep 05/2007 11:38PM:
And by the way I know that the picture I posted up is from Pompeii which is not Greece but since I haven't had the opportunity to travel to Greece yet (but I have been to Pompeii) it was the best I had to offer.

Check out my first microproject.

And here are the terms that I defined for my second microproject: Beazley, John, Leake, William Martin, Schliemann, Heinrich and Winckelmann, Johann Joachim.