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Posted at Dec 17/2007 12:48PM:
lsammart: i think the second microprojects were really useful when studying for the final- they definitely helped with information for slide id's as well as thinking about essay questions

Posted at Dec 11/2007 08:36PM:
KYL: thanks!! =)

Posted at Dec 11/2007 09:59AM:
keffie: Review for material pre-midterm is up and running. happy studying!

Posted at Dec 11/2007 09:23AM:
chris witmore: Hi All. A PDF of the review will be up in the next hour or so. Many thanks for your patience.

Posted at Dec 11/2007 12:09AM:
RT: when is the pdf version of the final review (both old and new slides) going to be up? i have limited mac access so its tough being unable to view any of the TIFF images. thanks

Posted at Dec 10/2007 09:06PM:
AB: Does anyone know when the review powerpoint from the first half is going to be up?

Posted at Dec 10/2007 02:19PM:
LS: can someone tell me how to put images on the microproject?! thanks :)

Posted at Dec 09/2007 04:56PM:
Elise: I actually changed from doing the Periclean building program to focusing on the Propylaia, but go ahead and stick in a link to that if you like.

Posted at Dec 09/2007 04:26PM:
KYL: hey Elise, sorry for late notice but i was the one posted acropolis, but you shouldn't worry because I'm doing pre-Periclean Acropolis (I was gonna cover all but was too much...). Good luck with yours!! oh and also Chris briefly mentioned to me that I should post a link on my page to yours, would u mind??

Posted at Dec 09/2007 01:50PM:
AH: I'm adding Symposium to my list of terms as long as no one else has already claimed it, and I'm dropping Delos

Posted at Dec 08/2007 10:51PM:
ch: and also Sir Arthur Evans...

Posted at Dec 08/2007 10:15PM:
ch: I'm also gonna define Pylos, because I don't think anyone is doing it. am I wrong?

Posted at Dec 08/2007 05:16PM:
KYL: Hi I just had a question for Chris or Keffie on my micro project (or anyone who can answer my question). I was reading pre-Periclean period of Acropolis, and came up with the names of Pisistratids and Pisistratus. I think it's the same person-just in Greek name and then in Latin but not sure. Are those two different figures or same? thanks!

Posted at Dec 06/2007 03:07PM:
CR: I was wondering if the final images could be uploaded as "decompressed files" so PC users could view the slides.

If not I can just come to the department and print them out.

Posted at Dec 06/2007 01:12PM:
AB: Hey... I was wondering, is the final on the whole course, or only the stuff we've covered since the midterm?

Posted at Dec 05/2007 08:30AM:
chris witmore: Hello All. We will place the imagery up for review after class today.

CR: I was wondering if the slides for the final were going to be put up on the wiki, before the review on Monday? ---

Posted at Dec 04/2007 10:56AM:
LS: I'm not defining architectural orders or vase painting anymore, so if any one had wanted to define those terms they can!

Posted at Dec 03/2007 09:26PM:
Elise: Ok, I'm renouncing the Periclean bulding program in favour of a closer look at the Propylaia, and hopefully this will not overlap with the 'acropolis' definition too much.

Posted at Dec 03/2007 08:25PM:
Elise: Hey is someone out there defining 'Acropolis'? Because there was no mention of it on the message board, but its in the glossary. I was going to define the Periclean building program but it would be covering the same stuff.......

Posted at Dec 03/2007 07:50PM:
LS: Is there a new due date for the microproject?

Posted at Dec 02/2007 10:50PM:
RT: Hey everyone, for the microproject I'd like to define some of the various methods used in archaeological dating, including the following terms: Archaeomagnetism, Dendrochronology, Obsidian Hydration, Radiocarbon dating, Stratigraphy, and Thermoluminescence

Posted at Dec 02/2007 10:00PM:
keffie: two long terms is fine. shoot for 1,500 words (regardless of whether you do 2 terms or 5) and you should be good.

Posted at Dec 02/2007 02:07PM:
LS: Is there a certain amount of terms we need to define for the microproject? Would two long definitions be alright?

Posted at Nov 28/2007 04:20PM:
chris witmore: Hi All. A new copy of Nevett is up and should work fine. Do let me know if there are any issues.

Posted at Nov 27/2007 06:31PM:
PH: Jacob - I'm having the same problem.

Has anyone claimed the terms for the important bronze age sites (Knossos, Mycenae, Tiryns, etc.) yet? I didn't see any mention of them, but I think those would be good terms to include, so I'll claim them if no one else has already.

Posted at Nov 26/2007 10:05PM:
evie: hey all, I'd definitely like to do bronze disease. Not sure about the other two yet, but possibly something relating to underwater archaeology. Also, this site is pretty interesting for those who are thinking of going on digs:

JC: Can anyone get the Nevett file to open? The Hall worked fine for me but the Nevett has some bizarre error. By the way, the terms I'm defining are: John Beazley, William Martin Leake, Schliemann, Wincklemann (so basically the different ways approaches to archeology and a bit about the people behind them). That will probably be enough but if not I might go into some of the more contemporary approaches that we've been talking about recently. If I stepped on something that's already claimed, just let me know.

Posted at Nov 25/2007 10:37PM:
AH: Hey everyone these are the key terms for my micro project

Delos, Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia, Tomb of the diver, Zeuxis and Parrhasias, The Kritios boy

Posted at Nov 25/2007 06:17PM:
PH: Amanda already asked about it, but is the reading for Monday posted anywhere?

P.S. (added later) Thanks Keffie, no problem, just glad to know it wasn't a problem with my computer. Actually that's another thing, does the private forum page with the schedule look strange to anyone else? When I go to it the background is white and things are spaced strangely. All the content still seems to be there, though.

Posted at Nov 22/2007 08:55PM:
Faustino: For the second micro-project, I call the following terms: 1. Nestor's Cup 2. Herodotus 3. Croesus 4. Charioteer of Delphi 5. Skeuomorph

Posted at Nov 22/2007 03:49PM:
AB: Hey- will the Nevett reading for Monday be up soon? Thanks

Posted at Nov 20/2007 11:32AM:
elise: Ok, micro project terms are as follows:

Apoikia Periclean building program Agrigento

Posted at Nov 19/2007 11:23PM:
CR: For the second Micro Project, I will be focusing on terms associated with temples. The terms are Delphi, panhellenic sanctuaries, votive offerings, oracle of Delphi, Altar of Zeus, and peristyle.

Posted at Nov 19/2007 07:53AM:


Posted at Nov 18/2007 09:34PM:
KYL: Hi, I was wondering... weren't we supposed to have a reading for monday about coins and stuff? just to make sure.

KS: I got confused in class yesterday: What was the threshing sled used for??

Posted at Nov 14/2007 08:58PM:
ch: For the definitions I call all the writing systems - Linear A, linear B, early greek, phoenician alphabet, etc

AG: what's the difference between in stasis and in antis? Are they interchangeable?

Posted at Nov 08/2007 12:33PM:
AB: never mind I got it

Posted at Nov 08/2007 12:32PM:
AB: What is the password for the private forum?

JC: Any idea of when the PDF for tomorrow's reading (11/5) will be up? Thanks.

Posted at Nov 04/2007 01:40PM:
AB: (meaning, the PDF file)

Posted at Nov 04/2007 01:40PM:
AB: never mind, I fixed it. Thanks! I have another question though- is the reading for tomorrow going to be posted on the website?

Posted at Nov 04/2007 09:51AM:
chris witmore: Hi Amanda. It is easy to do so. Simply put Amanda's Microproject: The Foundations of a Nation on the page which you wish it to appear.

Jacob. Alas, this is an issue with the browser which sometimes depends on the image format you use. JPG usually works.

Posted at Nov 03/2007 12:24PM:
AB: hey-- I think I accidentally posted my microproject onthe wrong page! IS there any way to change that?

JC: Hey Keffie I had a question. I put all of the images up on the microproject page and for some reason I can't see all of them in Safari? Firefox works fine but Safari doesn't. Any suggestions?

HK: I'm going to define Cyclopean masonry, the lintel, and pedimental sculpture

Posted at Oct 31/2007 10:01AM:
keffie: Hey guys. For the glossary terms-- you should be aiming to write about 1,500 words TOTAL. So, if you have a lot to say about 1 term (about 1,500 words worth) then doing only 1 term is sufficient. If you want to do more cursory descriptions of more terms, that's cool too. Remember to use visual aids in your definitions.

--- Posted at Oct 30/2007 08:51PM:
sl: Could I take the following terms: black figure red figure megaron metanarrative abductive reasoning

is there a set number of key terms that I need to define?

Posted at Oct 30/2007 12:37PM:
LS: Key terms for the second microproject- -Phidias

-Chryselephantine cult statues

-Architectural Orders


-Vase Painting

Posted at Oct 25/2007 04:05PM:
Chris Witmore: Hi All. Many thanks for the messages. The Shanks reading is now up under schedule. The 1st Micro Project is due on November 2 and it can be done as a wiki page.

WE WILL meet in from front of Wilson Hall tomorrow. See you all there.

Posted at Oct 25/2007 02:11AM:
HA: Hey all-- I call dibs on the following terms for the micro-project:

Jacob C: Hey it's Jacob just wondering if you were going to put up a PDF of the Shanks reading for tomorrow? Thanks.

Posted at Oct 22/2007 09:02PM:
CR: I was present at the begining of the midterm today, but I was wondering if someone could reiterate what will happen on Wednesday and Friday.

Also on the wiki it says "project 1" is under 10/26, however, the syllabus indicates it is due on 11/2/. Perhaps I am reading this wrong?

Posted at Oct 21/2007 10:46AM:
keffie: fixed the archaic classical powerpoint. should be good to go.

and yes, palace of nestor is palace at pylos.

Posted at Oct 20/2007 08:25PM:
KYL: I think the palace at Pylos is the palace of Nestor-who was the king(?)... correct me if i'm wrong...

Posted at Oct 20/2007 01:46PM:
[Dean M.]: Posted at Oct 17/2007 08:08PM: LS: Could you possibly label the images on the slides, and also some of the pictures in the powerpoint don't load unless you have quicktime. Is there any other way you can view the images? Thanks!

I agree. would help very much

AG: What's the difference between the palace at Pylos and Nestor's Palace? I can't seem to find any :(

Posted at Oct 19/2007 09:46AM:
keffie: I changed the formatting of the powerpoints so you will be able to open them on macs.

Posted at Oct 19/2007 01:58AM:
KYL: my mac won't open the latter two powerpoints... it says the file is corrupted or unrecognizable... is it just me or everyone else too??

From Peter: As of after class on Friday (12:20 PM) I'm still having the same problem with the last one. The file it downloads says its only 4kb, which can't be right.

Note on reading for September 12 and 14!

There are some pages in the Runnels and Murray (chapters 4 and 5) that are illegible. Most of the pages, however, are clear and legible. A separate PDF of these poor quality pages will be provided before Friday.

I apologize for the poor quality of the Osborne PDF (READING FOR MONDAY, OCTOBER 15!)
I will put a better quality PDF up on the wiki first thing on Monday morning. Sorry for the inconvienance and do the best you can until then!


Posted at Oct 17/2007 08:08PM:
LS: Could you possibly label the images on the slides, and also some of the pictures in the powerpoint don't load unless you have quicktime. Is there any other way you can view the images? Thanks!

Posted at Oct 18/2007 10:11AM:'
keffie: PCs don't have the same image reading capabilities as Macs do, so yes, it makes it difficult to see all the images when you work on a PC. Feel free to come into the Joukowsky Institute (70 Waterman St.) to use our Macs here. I know it's a pain, but it's the best solution I can offer!

Change in Keffie's Office Hours for Friday, October 19th 10:00-11:00 am or by appointment