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My name is Carissa Racca. I am a seventh semester archaeology concentrator. I first became interested in the field of archaeology at the young age of nine years old. Even though this is a class studying Greek art; my passion for archaeology was ignited when I first saw pictures of Tutankhamen’s funerary mask. I have spent almost four years taking classes at Brown, in many different departments that include: Anthropology, Archaeology, Egyptology, American Civilization and Urban Studies. I have always wanted to gain as much knowledge as I could about archaeological study. My ultimate goal was not academic, but more personal. I wanted to make more sense of my life by making connections to the people of the past. The only ancient language background I have, is one semester of middle Egyptian. Basically all I can say is “Hr nfr pr," "beautiful house of the god Horus?" With my four years coming to an end, I have no clue what I want to do. I have dreamed about traveling abroad, working in a museum or possibly even working for the Scotland Yard Antiquities Unit, who knows?

“Speak to the past and it shall teach thee”

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