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I'm a senior concentrating in economics. I think I can trace the origin of my interest in Ancient Greece to fourth grade when I was first introduced to Greek mythology. I can remember being fascinated by the legends of the Greek gods, and the period in history that birthed them. Since then I have had a number of experiences that have bolstered my interest in this subject, including some particularly inspiring literature, museums, films and courses, as well as a recent trip to Italy that gave me the opportunity to view Archaeological remains first hand. With my fourth year at Brown I'm looking to pursue courses which sincerely interest me, regardless of discipline, and I believe this course will be a perfect match.

As for myself, I grew up in Providence, so I know the area pretty well if you've got any questions. My absolute favorite hobby is golf- it's completely addicting. I also love travelling, surfing, and I'm also currently training for the NYC Marathon. I took the picture below while in Italy this past winter. I found the ruins there intriguing, which may have contributed to me taking this course.

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