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Hey, my name is Mike and I'm a freshman from Shaker Heights, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. Here at Brown I am in the PLME, so I have lots of freedom to take some that I might not try otherwise. Usually I would consider myself a math/science sort of person, but for now I'm trying out other things; this Greek archaeology course, Egyptian hieroglyphics, how-the-world-will-end, et cetera. My decision to enroll in this class came from my combined interests in architecture and the classics. For a while before I decided on the medical profession, I had considered being an architect and always had an interest in art and design. As for the classics, my experience is only that I took Latin for four years through high school and I visited Rome, which I found awe-inspiring.

I'm not so sure how much we're supposed to go on here, so I'll simply add that my other interests include performing piano and rowing crew, although I do not anticipate doing either of those two things here and instead aim to try out some new things.

My microproject terms: