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Posted at Nov 05/2007 06:27PM:
elise: Yay for Powerpoints, I enjoyed the format a lot, and I was impressed with the variety of interpretations that you included. One thing that struck me was that so many of the columns you highlighted are used on such a different scale from their original uses on the enormous Greek temples. Here in Providence many of them have been transposed to domestic settings on a very human scale that gives a totally different impression of the column from the one the ancient Greeks would have experienced. I suppose the exception is Manning Hall, but even that was scaled down from the temple of Diana-Propylaia on which it was modeled (am I right in thinking it was half the actual size?).

Posted at Nov 06/2007 04:56PM:
Michael Bohl: I really like the format of your project. You certainly looked at a lot of columns and grouped them well, showing similarities and differences. I also really like that you added images of square, bland columns on modern buildings at the end because it's true that although they don't look Greek, they still take after Greek concepts.

Arune Gulati: The way in which your project was designed made it really easy to understand and digest each style at a time. Great job with the powerpoint! Often times powerpoints come out looking bland with just text and pictures but yours was well designed and very professional the whole way. I also like how the focus was on all types of buildings, from houses to University buildings. It just shows how varied and powerful the architectural Greek-revival was. Its always interesting to see variations on a theme, such as the pictures of the RISD columns in antis and the List center. That's really cool about Miller and Metcalf by the way. Never would have noticed any of these things on my own!

Posted at Nov 11/2007 07:11PM:
chris witmore: Great work Rachel and Peter. You both chose an excellent topic by addressing the 3 orders and beyond. I really appreciated your eyes for detail and ability to connect the Greek even to the List Art Center!

Posted at Dec 03/2007 11:21PM:
Harry Anastopulos: Great job! I'm really impressed by the depth in which you've honed in on a single architectural element: the column. The Greek column, in all of its incarnations, seems both ubiquitous yet essential in discussions of ancient Greek architecture. It is clear that in addition to your intricate knowledge of the three orders, you've also tracked down just about EVERYTHING in Providence bearing these Classical influences. What tenacity!