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The Daedalic sculptural style gained popularity during the early Archaic period of ancient Greece. This style was greatly influenced by the “Orientalizing” influences of the Near East, a possible tribute to the massive amounts of migration and interaction along the Mediterranean that had intensified towards the end of the Bronze Age. Many of these sculptures are thought to have been dedicatory offerings, and a number of these also bear inscriptions.

Features that distinguish Daedalic works are the characteristic “Archaic smile,” triangular or wig-like hair, and large, almond-shaped eyes. As these are earlier and less-naturalistic Archaic sculptural forms, the bodily features are rather stiff and linear. Arms and hands appear affixed at the sides, and the overall form is straight-backed with the details of body contour largely unaddressed. Clothing depicted is simple, with dresses often showing geometric patterns and tied with a wide belt.

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