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Mantiklos Figurine

This figurine is a dedication to Apollo sculpted by artist from Mantiklos; it is an earlier representation of the human form. It shows the movement of the rigid daedalic figure to a more natural representation. Here, you see rounder forms. The shoulders, thighs and buttocks are more curvaceous than previous representations.

There is still a fair amount of rigidity to this piece. The triangular chest, for example, is much more angular than the more naturalistic forms we will see later on.

There are also the iconic characteristics of the daedalic style. The figure has a triangular face, large eyes, heavy and thick strands of hair, and the iconic belt.

This piece dates to 700 BCE.

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Later pieces to look at are the different kouroi such as Kleobis and Biton, the Kritios boy and the Charioteer to see how figures evolved into a more natural and real representation.

Stephanie Lee

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