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Posted at Sep 26/2007 02:56PM:
chris witmore: PLEASE NOTE: I have created a PRIVATE FORUM for all the readings. The password is, of course, the same. [link]

Week one: T., 9/11—Introduction: aims and objectives

Week two: T., 9/18—Materialist Approaches

Further Reading

DISCUSSANTS: Michelle, Stephen, Kate, Charlotte

Week three: T., 9/25—Material culture studies: American and French Approaches

Further reading:

DISCUSSANTS: Brad, Colin, Heidi, Alex

Week four: T., 10/2—Material culture studies/Materiality

Further readings:

DISCUSSANTS: Christy, Claudia, Michelle

Week five: T., 10/9—Goods and process: Between biographical approaches and life-cycles

Further readings:

DISCUSSANTS: Tom, Keffie, Ray, Carrie, Kate, Clarissa, Claudia

Week six: T., 10/16—Phenomenology

Further reading:

DISCUSSANTS: Charlotte, Chris, Keffie, Kori

Week seven: T., 10/23—Heidegger: from objects to things

Further readings:

DISCUSSANTS: Tom, Ray, Carrie, Steven

Week eight: T., 10/30—The sociology of technology and technoscience studies

Further reading:

DISCUSSANTS: Bochay, Kori . . .

Week nine: T., 11/6—Cognitive approaches

Further readings:

DISCUSSANTS: Bochay, Brad, Christy, Michelle

Week ten: T., 11/13— The question of agency: Anthropological angles

Further Readings:

DISCUSSANTS: Keffie, Heidi, Alex

Guest Discussant: Timothy Webmoor

Week eleven: T., 11/20—Actor-Network-Theory

Further Readings:

DISCUSSANTS: Bochay, Clarissa, Colin, Chris

Week twelve: T., 11/27—Design studies

Further Reading from an Architectural Angle

DISCUSSANTS: Ray?, Kori . . .

Week thirteen: T., 12/4—The return to things

DISCUSSANTS: Brad, Christy, Clarissa, Chris

Guest Discussant: TBA