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The 3,000 year old Cow Couch that JNB photographed emerging from Tutankhamen's Tomb in 1923 represented the ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor. The Hathor Cow was a goddess of love, happiness, music and the heavens, "whose speckled belly formed the starry sky," (Saqqara Online) Above, this reproduction of the ritual couch is exhibited online by the International Museum Institute of Texas.

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The Sacred Hathor Cow: January 24, 1923

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Preparing to box the Sacred Hathor Cow

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The Cow is boxed while a crowd looks on: January 24, 1923

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The Sacred Hathor Cow moves away from the Tomb

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Armed guards escort the Hathor Cow: January 24, 1923

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To the Tomb of Seti II

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