Danse. Article extrait d'un ouvrage.





Danse. Article extrait d'un ouvrage.

Author: Moreau de Saint-Méry, M. L. E. (Médéric Louis

Place of Publication: A Philadelphie
Publisher: Imprimé par l'auteur, imprimeur-libraire

Publication Date: 1796
Physical Description: 8, 62 p. ; 16 cm. (12mo)

Moreau de Saint-Méry’s treatise is still being used today to inform social historians and ethnographers about dance and music of Creoles in the West Indies and in Haiti. The author also discusses the effects of slavery and the African roots of black dance as well as more “formal” dances like contra dances and minuets. During the Revolution, Moreau de Saint-Méry fled to Philadelphia, one of the major centers for the Haitian diaspora, and established his famous press. The John Carter Brown Library also has an 1801 edition of this work printed in Parma, Italy under the title De la danse.

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