Code Noir


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Le code noir ou Edit du roy

Author: France

Place of Publication: Paris
Publisher: Chez Claude Girard

Publication Date: DCC. XXXV. [1735]
Physical Description: 14, [2] p. ; 27 cm. (4to)

The infamous Code Noir served as the basis of the law of slavery in Saint- Domingue and the other French plantation colonies. It was promulgated by Louis XIV in 1685 at the initiative of his recently deceased chief minister, Colbert, and reflected a combination of Roman law principles and French Caribbean legal customs. Despite sanctioning a rigorously punitive scheme for the discipline of slave labor, the Code Noir legalized manumission and prohibited the torture and mutilation of slaves by other than royal authority. It also granted freed persons the same rights and privileges as those enjoyed by whites. Predictably, these protections fell afoul of the planters and their representatives.

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