Computer Vision and Image Analysis Research Update 7/22/14


  • Ablation planning project awarded a Brown University DEANs grant (Merck, Kimia, Dupuy)
  • Fall R21 for ablation planning project in prep
  • Fall? K (L Merck) for hydrocephalus in prep


  • 4 manuscripts in prep: 2xAblation (Deshazer, Cook/Glidden), endoscopy (Fallon), u/s shape modeling for stenostosis (DeFreitas)
  • 2 abstracts in prep: quantitative u/s (Konrad/Wu), Glass in the ED (Chai)
  • 3 abstracts accepted for presentations at RSNA: (Glidden, Deshazer, Konrad)
  • 2 abstracts accepted at MICCAI workshops: (Deshazer, Cabeen)

Summer Staff

  • Deshazer presenting at AAPM and visiting KSU
  • Cabeen's RA over, still working on neuro research projects
  • Jie Ying Wu, Brown comp engineering rising senior starting on U/S project
  • Madeline Cosgriff, Carleton rising sophomore working on hydrocephalus project


  • 3D printer vendor demo
  • Working with Brown CCV on HIPAA compliant high performance computing pilot
  • Working with CT and MR staff on clinical research data capture and archival

Coming up

  • Speaking in Radonc about DEANs research next week

Next Computer Vision & Image Analysis Research Update Meeting: Tuesday 8/26 11am