Computer Vision and Image Analysis Research Update 9/2/14


  • Fall R21 for ablation planning project in prep
  • Fall SBIR for ablation planning project in discussion
  • Fall R21 for ultrasound texture analysis project in prep
  • Fall K (L Merck) for hydrocephalus in prep
  • Summer industry mtbi project starting up (site visit on Thursday)
  • Image fusion for DBS (Assad) ramping up w proof of concept, setting up workstations for data review in the lab
  • UNC Radonc R18 for 3d planning sim and training was awarded, we have a modest consultant fee to help with the visualization part


  • 6 manuscripts in prep: 2x ablation (Deshazer, Cook/Glidden), endoscopy (Luks/Fallon), u/s shape modeling for stenostosis (Taylor/DeFreitas), u/s texture analysis (Beland/Wu), google glass (Porter/Chai/Wu)
  • 4 abstracts submitted: 2x u/s texture analysis x2 (Konrad/Wu to SPIE, SRU), ablation x2 (Deshazer, Nand to SPIE)
  • 2 abstracts in prep: ablation, ultrasound texture analysis for Lifespan research


  • Garron Deshazer is working on patient-specific thermal ablation simulations with Walsh and Prakash (KSU)
  • Krishna Nand is working on statistical models for predicting ablation treatment shape with Kimia and others
  • Jie Ying Wu doing her Brown engineering honors thesis on ultrasound texture analysis
  • Sandra Yan doing her Brown neuroscience honors thesis on 3D volumetry in neuro CT (w L Merck, Silver)
  • David Glidden has started at AMS and is exploring possible CS/DDI overlapping MD/PhD topics
  • Adam Tuomi has started at AMS and is interested in picking up the ultrasound texture analysis project again and may be able to help with data collection for ablation cases
  • Madeline Cosgriff has gone back to Carleton


  • Built a website framework; it is designed so collaborators can easily post project updates and announcements to it
  • Working w CCV/Mark Howison on connectivity, help with lab space setup, possible time sharing for application developer, HPC pilot
  • Working with CT and MR staff on clinical research data capture and archival (need separate storage, blanket IRB)
  • Followed up with Ian Wong re: 3D printing, meeting him and some students for hospital imaging tech tour next week after classes start
  • Working with Collins to develop a protocol for cleaning up 3D models from the optical 3D scanner in plastics to make them suitable for symmetry analysis and possible 3D printing

Coming up

  • Deshazer presenting at a MICCAI workshop in September
  • RSNA presentations in a couple of months; are there departmental funds for student presentations? Glidden is eligable for travel funds through the med school.
  • New med phys chief apparently hired; should be a good partner for us

Next Computer Vision & Image Analysis Research Update Meeting: Tuesday 9/23 11am